Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things falling into place is mucho better than things falling apart..

Hey Lovies!

I know it's been a while, but it's been CA-RAY-ZAY around here. But things are now starting to fall into place and a routine is becoming habit (albeit with a lot of whining but a habit none the less!) and things just are ....GOOD! You know where you get that awesome feeling in the pit of your tummy but it's a good content feeling like when you eat way too much good food? Yea that kind of good. Sometimes I feel so disconnected, so disconcerted like waiting for a something to happen. You don't know what but you can just feel something? Well, right now it's not like that for us here, and I like it! We are so close to just needing the inspections to be certified for fostering, just a few more little things. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and spent $53 on trash cans WITH lids that I really didn't need but have to have as it's a requirement to have lids for fostering. But even as I was plucking those dollars down I was smiling and enjoying it, knowing that if we are so close that I'm working on TRASH CANS we are ssssoooo close! Just two inspections, that I'm setting up tomorrow and fingerprints.
Our church is finally offering Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and I can't wait for me and Bubba Hubster to take it. We are all signed up and ready to start this Wednesday. I've read his Total Money Makeover book and throughly enjoyed it. I "told" Bubba Hubster we were taking this class, and he didn't want to. So I thought and thought about it and said ok, you won't get anything from it  if you are only there to appease me. I told him I would like for him to take it with me as I think we would get so much more out of it doing it as a couple. He thought about it for a couple days and said he wanted to take it with me! Thank You Sweet Jesus! I prayed and prayed that Jesus would put it on his heart to take the class if it was His will. As usual if we go to Him in all thing big and small He will make it happen or a way for it to happen.
Buckaroo is loving school even more than last year if that can be possible! He has finally started to loose his teeth, TWO in TWO weeks. He thought he was going to be the only little person that was never going to loose his teeth, lol.  He's got down his Kinder sight words down (our homework for the next two weeks). I've started something new with him, I made him a special area in my craft room for a desk for him to do homework. I bought him a special journal and he has to write or draw in it everyday about his day. He's loves his lunch notes, the other day I was running late and forgot to put one in his lunch kit and he wanted to know why I forgot his 'love note'. Melt my heart.
I got a cute new haircut for my 36th birthday, and yes earlier this year I had missed a whole year and it dawned on me I would be turning 36 NOT 35, LOL! Birthdays have never bothered me, I suppose it's because my Daddy has always said "Birthdays are just numbers, it's how you act that counts!" Buckaroo's birthday party will be the day after my birthday and it's shapeing up to be the biggest stress-LESS chilled out party I've ever planned, and I am LOVING it! Seriously I haven't heard the phrase "over-the-top" once this year (yes I usually plan for a year) and I am not going crazy worrying about getting everything done or how it's going to be paid for. I'm digging it. We super celebrate around my hacienda because I think everyone should have at least one day a year they feel like a prince or princess and everything revolves around them.
I'm gonna close with some pictures and hope they aren't reposts, if they are I hope you really like them!
 when he lost his 1st tooth
 excited about what the tooth fairy brought him
 his 2nd lost tooth
what the nurse at school sent his tooth home in

my new do, i went for simpler hoping it will look better when i dont fix it (which is the norm)
Much Luv,