Sunday, June 24, 2012

When u sorta expect things to happen and then they do.....

Hey friends!

This has been a crazy, busy, great and BLESSED weekend. Bubba Hubster dinally got a chance to start working on my hall closet, we are changing it from a normal hall closet to almost like a linen closet. I WANT shelves, lol! So i get in there and paint it a magnificant aqua/blue, and then we get a phone call. My neice is in labor, her water is leaking and they are inducing her!! Her doc told her he didn't think she would last to her July 5th due date and had told her that he would induce her June 29th (i imagine he didn't want to be called in on the july 4th w/e and she didn't wanna be stuck in the hospital over that w/e either). Anywho, I really figured she would stay tucked inside mommy until she was induced on the 29th but she decided she was ready to meet her family. So all i got done was the painting and Bubba Hubster got a few ledger supports cut and the living room looks like board games threw up everywhere. We didn't get to bed until 3 am today, and yes i AM that mom that allows her kid to stay up to be present at the birth of his first 2nd cousin (altho we only make that differential just because its cool!) We thot the hospital was gonna be all full on rule sticklers in the butt but the sweet nurse wheeled her down the hall to the NICU (she was totally healthy and fine but they didn't have a regular nursery nurse since sweet lexi was the only baby born that night and they did all the stuff in there). I could have kissed that sweet lady! he'd already had several breakdowns because he wasn't going to get to see "his Lexi" and let me tell you the look on his face was completely worth me bugging the tar out of the nurses and all 1, 247 hours of whining i heard (and yes i'm completely over exaggerating because that is how it felt to me).

So here is the little miss that couldn't wait to meet us and the reason I didn't finish my hall closet (and yes, she is totally worth that!).

She was about 14 hrs old here. She makes the sweetest noises ever and a ton of them!
we were so lucky to have a sweet nurse that let cor see her before she went to get the vitals and all

completely enamored with her
waiting patiently last night (she was born at 12:30 am and we didn't get home until around 2:30 - so proud of him!)

I said i think both my boys are completely enamored by another girl and my heart couldn't be happier!

Cor told me "Momma sing a lullaby to her like you do me."
and here are the proud momma and poppa! (yes she had JUST given birth and look how good she looks!)

So there are some pix of late last night and today! Hopefully I will have pix of the finished product of the closet by midweek. I hope everyone has a wonderfully great blessed week!.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

and the winner is.........

the winner of the awesome giveaway of MyMemories digital scrapbook is ......

Jessica from Stay at Home-Ista!! (i'll be emailing you shortly!)

 you will absolutely love it. i know i do!

thanks to everyone for entering and following me, i wish i could give you all a free copy!!!

but didn't win? no worries you can still get it with a great discount of $10 if you use my discount code! Just right click to copy and paste this code: STMMMS77719 in the coupon code area it'll give you $10 off your total!

i know i've said before how easy this digital scrapbook software is, but y'all the more I use it the more I'm really loving it! I print mine out and bind it myself just cuz I have the machine to do it (but their charge for printing and binding is one of the best i've seen around!), but I print two copies and cut one up, put a zot on the back and overlay it on the same pix to give it some 3 dimensional characteristics. AND it's awesome for the card making ability, I'm making a special Fathers Day card for Bubba Hubster and doing the 3 dimensional effect with his favorite pix of him and Buckaroo.

Plus, it saves a ton of money - buy it once, use it often! i'm about to buy my first add-on for different scenes. i don't have a ton of americana scrapbook paper so I'm going to check out their selection and only buy it once instead of over and over! i'll take some pix and upload them when i'm done!


PS> I do get paid for each set of software I sell, but my opinions are mine and i wouldn't tell y'all anything but the truth!

Don't for the code: STMMMS77719 for a $10 discount!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Menu Moonnddaayyyyy

Hi Luvies!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the last couple posts, I know that I completely enjoyed doing them and then telling about them.

This week is a bit different since Bubba Hubster is gone this week to Duncan, OK for W World Changers. His calling is to work with the teenagers (well technically 6th - 12th grade)with our church. So every year they go for a week in the summer to sacrifice and serve to help people out and possibly and hopefully be drawn closer to God and bring people to God.

Anyways, I've got total irrational fears of staying by myself at night, so Buckaroo and I have a week long slumber party with my folks. So this week the menu might be a bit off, but I'm gonna try and keep some sort of semblence (not sure if that's a word or how you say it but in our parts we do ~ haha!)of our normal menu as Buckaroo and I are creatures of habit and we crave that.

MONDAY - fried porkchops, fried zuchinni, greens beans, fruit
TUESDAY - tacos, avocadoes, rice, carrot cake
WEDNESDAY - steaks with the family (my BIL is being deployed to Afghanistan and we are having a family dinner before he leaves), baked potatoes
THURSDAY - spegahtti, bread, salad
FRIDAY - pizza night
SATURDAY - hamburger helper, green beans
SUNDAY - roasted chicken and potatoes, corn

again sorry guys i still can't figure out how to turn the pix!

Hope everyone has a great start to the week! Don't forget to check out the great scrapbook giveaway - it ends 10pm TUESDAY!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just because....

I've been doing alot of thinking lately, sometimes that a good thing others....well not so much. But lately it's all been good! some of my pins on my pinterest account (i so hope i did that right since i have no idea how to add the little pinterest button for y'all to be able to follow me) have been on bucket lists. Bucket lists for every little thing, except one ~ things to do with my Buckaroo just because, so it's been weighing heavily on my heart since the middle of VBS week (He has an excellant way of doing that to us doesn't He?). well, i haven't made a list yesterday, but i just started doing! Buckaroo likes well, just about anything, but his little mind is geared towards science and mechanics. so when i was reading him his little book they let all the kids bring home from VBS it talked about a volcano, i asked him if he wanted to make an exploding volcano. of course you know his eyes got big as quarters and he jumped up and down saying 'yes, o yes please please PLEASE!!!' one of his favorite shows is American Guns on History channel, his favorite episodes of those are the exploding ones (Sons of Guns used to be and really sorta still is his and big daddy's favorite (they have bigger and more explosions) but the language on there now is a no-go in our hacienda); so he had all the ideas of how to make one. i'm sure my dinky lil mountain dew soda bottle with baking soda and cup of vinegar with red food coloring did not live up to what was in his mind, but it was absolute perfection to him! Buckaroo, poppa and myself were there and that my friends is why it was perfection to him, we were all togather and doing stuff togather. I enjoyed that 25 mins of doing, being, thinking, worrying, etc of nothing but being present and enjoying Buckaroo and poppa bear! so that brings me to my bucket list of Just Because w/ Poppa & momma & baby bear. i want to do something we all enjoy at least twice a week, no phones (ok ok at least the camera part otherwise i'd have nada for pix :D), no computers, nothing for distractions.

this is where you great peeps come in, i'd luv to hear about your ideas and suggestions for things to do. i mean i can only be so creative and then well, we get bored, lol! do u already have something like this in place? if so how do u KEEP it in place, i use to have family game night. then school started and it threw us for a loop, then work started keeping poppa bear later, and well....just life in general and it fell to the wayside. so i'm also looking for ways to keep it going, ways for it to not loose momentum. thanks so much! i'm gonna leave u with some pix! i hope and pray that everyone have a safe and wonderful week!

i luv this lil man so much i have no idea what i did to be so blessed to have him but i am so thankful!
(sorry for the sideways pix - i can't figure out how to rotate the pix argh!)

ummm, yes we need some grass squares the last few summers have been brutal (not to mention thats where we plopped the 11 ferns we have hanging on our front porch to water them and then left them there for two fine three weeks, ahem.)


Saturday, June 9, 2012

VBS and some Holy Spirit moving

This past week was VBS at church, and we had an amazing turnout! It was me, another teacher (i want a shout out to Mrs.Gel, you are such an amazing friend and lady!) and two youth workers (hhhaaaa katie and jake!). We had between 13-15 kids, I teach 3rd going into 4th graders.

Our theme was Awesome God! Amazing Power! about how God has power over all things! Y'all this was such a moving year, we had the Holy Spirit working in our class. These kids were hungry, hungry for His word, His love, His power, HIM!! It was so awesome to see the transformation we could see in their eyes, hear in their talk, it was almost tangable, so apparent that it felt like you could almost reach out and grasp the change. Every day we have worship rally daily, family night Thursday night and ended up with our Preschool director being made up like an ice cream sundae! Every year our Preschool Director and Children's Minister have a contest, girls vs. boys with our offerings for our mission we adopt that year. Well, this year Pastor Eric and the boys won! The kids love it and we all really get into it.

While I would love to show some of "my" kids I don't have permission to do so, so I will share pix of our room we decorated, me and cor, angele and her sweet boy, Davis, Katie (one of my youth workers and my neice ~ sweet huh?) we all had an amazing time. None of us wanted the week to end, Cor summed it up so nicely, "Momma, I don't VBS to end i luv VBS!"

i hope that everyone feels and has that same luv for God that our kids found this week, that is my prayer for me, my family and all that I know! I'll leave y'all with some pix.

one wall in our class room (isn't Angele a great artist!?)

This is my sweet katie girl, she is my mini me altho she is my neice.

This is Angele (Mrs.Gel) my sweet friend who so graciously agreed to help me teach (thank you thank you thank you) and we helped keep each other togather after 90% of our class went down during decision rally. Luv you so much girlie!
Sweet Davis and his awesome Momma! can u see just a teeny bit of resemblence (and did u catch my sarcasm ~ he's his momma's mini-me!)?

Sweet Davis

me and my sweet boy

God is SO great all the time!!


Countdown is on!!

hey everyone, there is only 4 days left till the giveaway is over and a winner is picked. you got a couple ways to enter multiple times. hope to see everyone over there and entered to win.

i love hoe simple it is! i've already created 2 albums and am one my 3rd. the company will also print AND bind your album if you want!

it them out they are awesome!


ps. I was given a copy of their software to use and review, but truely the reviews are my honest opinions. I'm not one that wants to blog to make  money just because i want blogging to remain fun AND stress-free for me, but i want to share any great products i find out about.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The MUCH anticipated GIVEAWAY surprise!!

Hello Luvies!! I appreciate and luv all the patience that y'all have given me with giveaway. Between all the foster to adopt stuff, VBS, work, end of school and normal life stuff it's been C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Anywho, about a month ago i was contacted by My Memories Suite  about hosting a review and giveaway. I was so stoked, yes I used the word stoked, which I don't ever really use that word but I wanted y'all to know how excited I was!

I've been wanting to check out the world of digital scrapbooking software so this was an even better email when I received it!!  To be honest y'all - this scared me because me and technology do not get along at all! i mean we are like oil and water, soap and dirt, it's not that I want to be that way I just AM that way. So with much trepadation I downloaded and dug around - y'all this is the EASIEST and i mean E to the A to the SIE to the S to the T, scrapbook software to use EVA!!!!

So my neice (who should have been mine but was given to my sister) got to go to New York City with her high school drill team, what an amazing junior year huh? So she was talking about and we decided to use her trip pictures as the guinea pig so to speak. Y'all it took us less than one hour - this included the time to save the pictures to my computer from her FB page! The one option that I absolutely love love LOVE over all the other scrapbook software is the "auto-fill" you select your layouts you like, select your pictures and then click auto fill, and it automatically selects the best place to put the selected pictures in the layout!

Ok so here is the 411 for you to enter the giveaway for YOUR chance to win a COMPLETELY FREE version of the My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbook Software. Each one that you complete will get you an entry into the giveaway.

1) Publicly follow my blog via GFC
2) Follow all that glitta & blang/mwimp via twitter @!/mwimp
3) Follow My Memory suites via their facebook @
4) Follow my memory suites via their blog @
5) Follow my memory suites via their twitter @!/mymemoriessuite

**The MUCH anticipated GIVEAWAY surprise will end next Tuesday, June 12 at 10 pm.**

That's an amazing 5 chances to be the giveaway winner!! I was given a free copy of their digital scrapbooking software to try and do a review - my thoughts, comments and reviews are completely my own and truthful.

**UPDATED:** If you already follow my blog via GFC just leave a comment stating so.

hanging my head in shame......

hello luvies!!

from my title post either you have no idea or you completely understand the meaning behind it, LOL!

i know that i was supposed to have my blog up abt the surprise BUT yesterday was a kicker. We kicked off VBS (this is my 3rd year teaching and 1st year directing), the Buckaroo had been wheezing since Friday night (and his doctors office decided that kids do NOT get sick on saturdays in the summer???) so breathing treatments to tide us over till his appt yesterday, then we had to go to Joanne's for poly fill foam for t-shirt pillows i'm making (that were supposed to be finished BEFORE vbs - it's all good tho), then the normal house stuff. OY! thank goodness i listened to Bubba Hubster and took vacation from work this week.

I didn't want to so i could have some time to do, well, nothing but Bubba Hubster always takes a week's vacation to do World changers (this year it's 20 mins from where his momma lives - how awesome!!). So he talked me into taking my vacation instead of teaching in the morning and working in the afternoon. Thanks babe!

So anyways back to the title - i'm sorry but the blog and giveaway got pushed to the back burner for today - sleep over ruled it. so please please please PLEASE P-L-E-A-S-E come back this afternoon to find out all about it (after 5).

lots of luv!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Story of the Week in Pix

hello friends!

just a quick post of our week in pix. it's been so busy! kindergarten graduation, work, getting ready for VBS, summer starting and celebrating the beginning of summer.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a great beginning of summer!

my sweet baby's graduation pix.
me and my cousin were talking (she has a kindergartener too) and we were talking about how bittersweet kindergarten is. how its such a miletstone to get there, but when you get to the end of it you realize that your baby no longer has that little piece of baby you sent him to kinder with. he is now a kid, a 1st grader, no baby left in sight (altho he will always be ALWAYS be my baby)

celebrating the 1st day of summer with the 3 musketeers. cor's besties!

best of friends

homemade dinner from our garden, homemade banana nut bread, fried okra (from our garden), grilled squash & zuchinni (also from our garden), cantalope balls, soy chicken wings.

Please pray for us and our church this coming week, we are having VBS and we are hoping to reach as many little hearts and souls as we can.

luvs to all!