Saturday, June 9, 2012

VBS and some Holy Spirit moving

This past week was VBS at church, and we had an amazing turnout! It was me, another teacher (i want a shout out to Mrs.Gel, you are such an amazing friend and lady!) and two youth workers (hhhaaaa katie and jake!). We had between 13-15 kids, I teach 3rd going into 4th graders.

Our theme was Awesome God! Amazing Power! about how God has power over all things! Y'all this was such a moving year, we had the Holy Spirit working in our class. These kids were hungry, hungry for His word, His love, His power, HIM!! It was so awesome to see the transformation we could see in their eyes, hear in their talk, it was almost tangable, so apparent that it felt like you could almost reach out and grasp the change. Every day we have worship rally daily, family night Thursday night and ended up with our Preschool director being made up like an ice cream sundae! Every year our Preschool Director and Children's Minister have a contest, girls vs. boys with our offerings for our mission we adopt that year. Well, this year Pastor Eric and the boys won! The kids love it and we all really get into it.

While I would love to show some of "my" kids I don't have permission to do so, so I will share pix of our room we decorated, me and cor, angele and her sweet boy, Davis, Katie (one of my youth workers and my neice ~ sweet huh?) we all had an amazing time. None of us wanted the week to end, Cor summed it up so nicely, "Momma, I don't VBS to end i luv VBS!"

i hope that everyone feels and has that same luv for God that our kids found this week, that is my prayer for me, my family and all that I know! I'll leave y'all with some pix.

one wall in our class room (isn't Angele a great artist!?)

This is my sweet katie girl, she is my mini me altho she is my neice.

This is Angele (Mrs.Gel) my sweet friend who so graciously agreed to help me teach (thank you thank you thank you) and we helped keep each other togather after 90% of our class went down during decision rally. Luv you so much girlie!
Sweet Davis and his awesome Momma! can u see just a teeny bit of resemblence (and did u catch my sarcasm ~ he's his momma's mini-me!)?

Sweet Davis

me and my sweet boy

God is SO great all the time!!



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