Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just because....

I've been doing alot of thinking lately, sometimes that a good thing others....well not so much. But lately it's all been good! some of my pins on my pinterest account (i so hope i did that right since i have no idea how to add the little pinterest button for y'all to be able to follow me) have been on bucket lists. Bucket lists for every little thing, except one ~ things to do with my Buckaroo just because, so it's been weighing heavily on my heart since the middle of VBS week (He has an excellant way of doing that to us doesn't He?). well, i haven't made a list yesterday, but i just started doing! Buckaroo likes well, just about anything, but his little mind is geared towards science and mechanics. so when i was reading him his little book they let all the kids bring home from VBS it talked about a volcano, i asked him if he wanted to make an exploding volcano. of course you know his eyes got big as quarters and he jumped up and down saying 'yes, o yes please please PLEASE!!!' one of his favorite shows is American Guns on History channel, his favorite episodes of those are the exploding ones (Sons of Guns used to be and really sorta still is his and big daddy's favorite (they have bigger and more explosions) but the language on there now is a no-go in our hacienda); so he had all the ideas of how to make one. i'm sure my dinky lil mountain dew soda bottle with baking soda and cup of vinegar with red food coloring did not live up to what was in his mind, but it was absolute perfection to him! Buckaroo, poppa and myself were there and that my friends is why it was perfection to him, we were all togather and doing stuff togather. I enjoyed that 25 mins of doing, being, thinking, worrying, etc of nothing but being present and enjoying Buckaroo and poppa bear! so that brings me to my bucket list of Just Because w/ Poppa & momma & baby bear. i want to do something we all enjoy at least twice a week, no phones (ok ok at least the camera part otherwise i'd have nada for pix :D), no computers, nothing for distractions.

this is where you great peeps come in, i'd luv to hear about your ideas and suggestions for things to do. i mean i can only be so creative and then well, we get bored, lol! do u already have something like this in place? if so how do u KEEP it in place, i use to have family game night. then school started and it threw us for a loop, then work started keeping poppa bear later, and well....just life in general and it fell to the wayside. so i'm also looking for ways to keep it going, ways for it to not loose momentum. thanks so much! i'm gonna leave u with some pix! i hope and pray that everyone have a safe and wonderful week!

i luv this lil man so much i have no idea what i did to be so blessed to have him but i am so thankful!
(sorry for the sideways pix - i can't figure out how to rotate the pix argh!)

ummm, yes we need some grass squares the last few summers have been brutal (not to mention thats where we plopped the 11 ferns we have hanging on our front porch to water them and then left them there for two fine three weeks, ahem.)



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