Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SOOOO Excited and I Just Can't Hide It !!!

hey hey hey!

yesterday i went to a friends house and she helped me learn to sew. i fell madly in luv with her sewing machine too. anyways she taught me how to sew a valance for Buckeroo's room, he got to play with friends, AND she feed us a wonderful supper! She has even been so gracias as to offer her house for a sewing night once a month for a few of us ladies and our buckeroo's and buckerette's! so here's the first thing we made!

This is the front of Buckeroo's "balance" aka valance. We leave our blinds open majority of the time so i wanted the backside to be nice too.

So this is the backside. Originally he picked these two fabrics for the valance and I picked the army side while at Walmart getting thread for the valances. Well if you know Buckeroo you know that one of his favorite shows is Top Shop and the other being Swamp People, you will often find him watching The Sportsman Channel for hunting instead of cartoons.  So the very first thing he said when he saw the army fabric was "I want this side in my room, is this from WW2?" It has the old bombers that where painted on it.

Sisters let me tell you I was so proud of myself I just couldn't contain it! I can't wait for our girls sewing night!!

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Awesome Linky Party!

Hey guys,

Just a quick blurb, but I put my blog out there at a blog hop and it was great! i've gotten a few more followers. BUT the best thing are the blogs i've found and the people, there is just so much talent out there! i wish i could just sit and talk and drink coffee with all of y'all!! here's some link button parties just so you can check em out also!

The Scott's Crib

Decorating Insanity

five days five ways  feature friday free for all

y'all u gotta GOTTA go and check these parties out and the great talent that's linked up!

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cowboy UP!

Hey Guys!

Just a quick little blurb, we Texan's have Go Texan Day around rodeo time. And as usual we take it uber seriously! The kids get to "dress up" ,or if you have buckeroos like me it's their everyday where they just wear "thar fancy shirts, hats and belt"! yes buckeroo said that this morning, altho to get the whole sweetness i'm gonna spell it out just like he said it, "mama, i wanna waar my faancee butN up shert, cowlboy hayut, n beeelt tamarow." no jokes, i just luv his little voice! They get to do all sort of fun Texas themed things at school. Lesson plans are planned around it, they did Texas Addition math along with a Wild West All About Texas packet for history (yes oru kindergarten has history), and some other subjects. They get to eat chili and all the fixings, and the PTO does a whole backdrop and takes pix for $2 (i'll upload that one when we get it back) at lunch. Here's my little Buckeroo Dude this morning:

This lil guy melts my heart everytime I look at him.

Here he is with his Daddy Hero, from the time he could talk he called his Daddy his hero. Total melt again! He wants to be just like his Daddy, Hubster is a great person to want to be just like! I know I talk alot about how blessed I am, but y'all when I look at my boys and think about them it sometimes makes my heart almost stop knowing how lucky I am.

You can see why I can't be upset with either one of them much!

I luv you guys! Thanks for making me such a happy wife and happy Momma, I am so blessed!

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take a Seat Please

Hello Luvies!

Can u believe it's Friday?!?! It just seems like it has flown by, I'm glad the weekend is upon us, but sorta sad since Hubster will be outta town. But it's a men's retreat at church and it's titled "Bows, Bucks, Bullets & Bible" and that is right but Bubba Hubster's alley, so I'm uber stocked for him. That means Buckeroo and I will be will be spending the weekend with Poppa and Momma Bear, so really it's a win/win situation and most of Momma Bear's family will be there so it'll be even better!

Speaking of a whole week - can y'all believe I posted every-single-day!?!?! Can I get a holla ? Yes, for reals, I want a couple hollas, lol! one of the goals that i didn't right down was trying to do at least 3 posts a week, so I'm estatic about 5. Plus I got a ton, ton, ton of projects completed! even after this post I will still have one more in my arsenal (the best one so far I think since it's got the most blang)!

I bought the chair to my desk from a local lady on our local online yard sales, she's uber sweet, even offered it to me for free since we had so many problems getting togather to complete the transaction. But I said no way since she was pretty much giving it away to me anyways! The only thing that my chair had to have was rollers, casters whatev you wanna call em. i do crafts, bills, paperwork, etc so I wanted ease of in and out, that was the only have to. Well it took me forevs but I did fnally get it. She had to have some alterations but thats absolutely cool, because I wanted to have it match my stuff perfectly. Of course I forgot to take a complete before pix, but you can get the idea. Instead of white it was the 90's yellow oak. I, by that meaning Hubster, spray painted it for me, and I recovered it.

I choose a dark color for the underneath, so that plaid wouldn't show thru. The print pattern is the same one that purchased for the back of my bookshelves since they've been thru THREE moves and holes for the electrical outlets, lol! A staple gun, staples, screwdriver (to pry those wicked staples out from the cord trim before) and needle nose pliers (to pluck said staplees out), now that took some time!

I had to use a small flat head screwdriver to pry the previous staples out.

Then use your supermom strength and needlenose pliers to pull said wicked staples out.

Then i wrapped the brown fabric around the seat, pulled tight and stapled. Shampoo time again, lather, rinse and repeat until you've worked your way around the entire seat. Guess what?!?! You get to do it AGAIN with the printed fabric!! I told you I was really good at repetitive things, hahaha.

And here she is finished:

I haven't decided if I want to add a trim back or not, for right now I'm totally cool with it! here's my breakdownof this project.
Chair:$20 / Kingwood Yard Sales
Brown fabric: $4.29/yard (w/ 40% off coupon); Hobby Lobby (I got a ton left over)
Printed Fabric: $6.99/yard (couldn't use another coupon and I would have wasted more in gas going back later or the next day to use another one. Ahem, not that I would do that, not me lol.)
Spray paint: $6.99/Rust Oleum 2x Coverage/ Lowe's
Total:$39.00 and some change for tax.

Not a total steal, but I'm totally cool with and when you think about how much it would have cost to buy it all done like this, it IS a total steal. I absolutely enjoyed doing this project too!

What do y'all think about it? I hope you like it as much as I do!

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Little Light O Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine....

Hey Hey Hey ( does anyone else get a mental picture of Fat Albert, or is that just me)? Well, I hope that everyone enjoyed the Canister Rehab. It was alot of fun really. I totally LURVE those quick projects ok will would have been quick if I had really known what I was doing, BUT my peeps that is how this Momma rolls.

Today I have lamp redo, I just wanted a small lamp for my crafting room. It's more for decorating than actual light needs. My budget was a maximum of $15 for the purchase and redo, but to be honest I really wanted to spend less than $5. I got everything at Goodwill or Hobby Lobby. I'll give the breakdown after the picture and tutorial.

Here are the things you will need. Spray adhesive, fabric or paper to fit lamp shade, lamp, shade, hot glue and any trim you may want.

Let me start off by saying that you should absolutely do some wrapping and tracing of the lamp shade on the paper or fabric and then cut it out accordingly, otherwise you will have a heck of a time getting the stuff to lay flat and you will have to have a pleated lampshade. But I wanted a pleated one from the very beginning (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). Tear off the old 80's accordion cover and adhesive spray your frame. Then wrap your fabric around, it should meet and lay flat, or you can pleat it if you forgot that step. Ahem, moving along. Hot glue your trim at the top and bottom to cover the edges, I used two different types of trim cause I wanted jewels on the bottom. i have to remember to take more pix of the in between stuff, I promise the furniture ones have a lot more, lol!
(see my pleats)

Here she is finished!

 OH! If you need to spray the metal parts to match your decor, mine was gold/brassy 80's. I just taped off all the glass and actual lamp parts.

Now for all the stats: Lamp - $2.99/GW, Shade - $.99/GW, spray paint - already had for other room projects, fabric - Hobby Lobby - scrap piece from seat recover for same room, Trim (Bottom)- $1.54/Hobby Lobby (40% off coupon), Trim(Top) - Hobby Lobby - left over trim from seat recover.

So while I didn't keep it under $5, it was 1/2 of my maximum $15 budget, so I'm pretty happy. What do y'all think? i'm not a perfectionist so that's why I didn't worry about the pleats (plus I would have had to go back and get more fabric and I'm cheap like that!

Hope y'all like it!

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's NOT Celebrity Rehab but it is Canister Rehab

Hello Friends! Today I was gonna do WIWW post but to keep it all real, folks I did it for 5 days 2 weeks ago and not again yet. So I figure why post something that isn't me on a normal basis, I want to, but I like to sleep more. So I decided to post just my Canister Rehab. I like to keep it somewhat simple with my big pieces of decor or nessecities like canisters, and then with the accent and details add some major punches of color or impact. That way when I change my mind I can inexpensively and quickly change it up!

So I bought these glass canisters from Wal-Mart years ago, like probably 10 or so, BUT they still have them there and in different sizes now. My original plan was to glass etch the labels on them, but these came along laziness set in and they sat and sat and sat (well you get the picture), then came along Pick Your Plum (some 9 years later....), and these wonderful little gems. If you have a Cricuit or something that cuts vinyl you could do them yourself and in any color you want, but again look at the sentence above and just rinse and repeat laziness and you get it. Plus every room needs a little black, it's the jewels to the outfit, the last hairspray blitz to the hairstyle, the creme filling to an oreo (yes it always reverts back to food for me).

They really were quite easy to do, clean, cut, attach and peel the clear stuff off, yes it is supposed to come off or it looks strange after abt 4 hours and one might find themselves constantly repressing the clear cover that one thinks is supposed to stay on and get super exasperated until one's hubster comes along looks at it and says, "Babe, I think it's supposed to come off, it was just protecting the labels until you adhered it to something." Not that I would know from personal experience or anything, just saying.

I cut them into squares so I would constantly be creasing the other labels while turning and turning cutting them in ovals. Ahem, remember the warning that I gave before about the clear cover? Yeah the extra diligent part of trying to make the clear cover look totally awesome and machine cut, yea it was totally UNNECESSARY as the cover comes off and only the black part is left. The exasperation was heightened even more when I realized the most time consuming part was not needed. Again not personal experience, just trying to save your sanity. :0

Again, I'm a shampoo, rinse, repoeat gal, so do the same until all your canisters are done. This is how mine turned out. What do you think? I love how they turned out and to be honest this is one time that I'm glad I was lazy, so I can just peel off if things change.

Here's all the canisters finished up. The whole thing took me about 3 hours start to finish, of course I had to wash each canister one at a time, as they all had stuff in them. And probably about 1 hour was wasted  spent on an useless step, just cut a simple square peeps, I'm telling ya.

Here's a close up picture:

So what do y'all think? I totally lurve them. I just wish that they did have an option to custom make them, but maybe I'll try my Momma's super Cricuit soon ok truthfully maybe in a few months, or next year.....

Have y'all done any rehabs? The rehab was under $10 since I  already had the canisters!, seriously! You must check out I was hoping that they would pick me as one of their affiliates to have y'all go through my link on my blog. It's been a while and I've not heard from them and it's been a while, so I don't think I was picked.  But I love y'all like a kitty loves fish (and yes I'm talking from personal experience from my cat Mags) so I definitely wanted to tell y'all about them. If you were to start from scratch the canisters are about $5 each, and the sheet of the labels were $7.95 plus $2.95 shipping but I split that with my neice since she bought a sheet also.

Hope y'all enjoyed reading and seeing this as much as I enjoyed doing it (sans the clear cover) and looking at them!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Come and Get Yo Grub OONNNN!!!!

hey hey hey!! I got a couple things this Tuesday, I said I would give y'all some of my recipes from the last couple weeks. So on with the show!

Beans & Meat - E-zay P-zay!! 1# Browned hamburger, 1 can of chili beans, 2 cans of pork-n-beans heated up and consume! Buckeroo luvs this meal the most of ANY meal I make.

Sloppy Joe - 2 cans tomatoe sauce, 1 can tomato paste, 1 small can of diced tomatoes drained (optional), 1 T Worchestire sauce, 2 T brown sugar (trust me on this), 1/4-1/2 T chili powder, 10 shakes of Tabasco sauce, browned hamburger meat with diced bell peppers, onions and minced garlic. let simmer all day!

Speghatti - I wish I could tell you this but it's one of secrets that I'd have to kill ya if I told ya!! <insert G-Man sunglasses here> haha, no seriously I just add all kinds of Italian spices and keep adding em until I get the taste I like. I do let it simmer in the crockpot all day though. sorry....

I'll bring it some more next week, peeps.

Here are a couple pix of my most favorite finds, some last year some this year (yes you saw L-A-S-T year, why?  ummm....that's how I roll???) So in no particular order:
I bought this pretty little thang up in Oklahoma (I KNOW you are singing the Broadway show tune!) for $25. While it wasn't a steal, I feel deeply infatuiated with it so I gladly plunked down $26.88 in one of the best little shops in downtown Duncan.

Sorry guys I still don't know how to rotate pictures yet. This little baby is a rotating musical Santa Claus. I know that this isn't most peeps flava, but you must understand I have a full fledged love affair with cheesey 1970's Christmas decor. So little gem was in my hand the whole time we were looking around the Fall Barn Sale @ I can't wait for the April spring sale!

Come back for WIWW on Wednesday, Thursday for my canister make over and Friday Friday Friday Funday HUGE furniture reveal!

Hope to see you guys visiting and leaving me some luvs!

In His Love & Wisdom,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Menu & An Appetizer & An Update

Good morning friends, I hope everyone had a great weekend. And yay if you Prezzy's day off! Man child is off from school and Poppa and Momma decided to make a family day and take off work. I felt like this:
Yes I've been needing a break from work.

What did you do this weekend? Did you accomplish any of the projects that yoou wanted to? Or did you have a restful easy weekend?

Ours was a restful but very productive. I got two upholstery jobs done, just tufting left on one but I wanna get some blang blang buttons (hello look at the name of the blog i gotta have it!). One bookcase fabric backed, and one lampside 3/4 ways done (I ran out of glue sticks for the trim). Come back on Friday for the BIG HUGE furniture reveals (all THREE of them) when I link up over at
five days five ways | feature friday free for all
for her Furniture Friday

Let's just say that it included psray adhesive that is still attached to my fingers, burnt fingertips from a hot glue gun, 2 slices on my hand from a razor, and lots of sweat (no worries I ain't in any of the pix, lol)!

Already on to my post for today.

My menu for this week:

Monday - Speghetti, bread and salad (I'm thinking of trying speghetti squash - anyone tried it as noodles - let me know what you think. Hubby has diabetes and trying to think of healthier ways for noodles).
Tuesday - Lemon pepper chicken, broccoli and beans.I want to try to freezer cook chicken BUT it always comes out dry after defrosting if you got some tips I would absolutely appreciate them.
Wednesday - Pizza and salad (church night so it's always simple!)
Thursday - Beans and Meat and corn.
Friday - Shake N Bake pork chops, carrots & oven roasted garlic potatoes.

My updates on my goals & this weeks plan:

1) Craft room - all the furniture redo's are for the craft room so some progress. Finish the bookshelf and load 'er up.
2) Taekowndo - ummm....nope! Hubster said he would take Buckeroo so that I could work on my stuff and he would get one on one time with Buckeroo. Thruth be told I don't mind him missing so much as it gives us more family time, but I want him to be able to decide later if he wants to continue or not. Not just stop because he never went and therefore didn't learn much, ya know?
3) A load of laundry a day - keeping it real folks, I fell off the bandwagon this week on this one. Getting back in the saddle again tomorrow!
4) Menu cooking and freezer batching - No and no.I got it all planned out, we'll see but again NOT eatting out like before.
5) Meeting with Jesus at least 3x's a week - yes, and  we have added at night too as a family. We are reading Jesus Calling ( I highly recommend it) the night before for the next day and talk about it. Going to add in what Cor is learning in Sunday School throughout the week too.
6) 15 min nightly clean up - YES! and a praise to go with it, before little man would just lay his stuff down anywhere and walk right past trash, now he puts stuff up right when/where he is supposed to and whenever he walks past something that needs to be picked up (trash, dirty cup, etc) he will take it to the right spot!Praise Jesus! We've prayed about this, I know some say thats trivial, but "in all things seek God" and that's what I do, and He answers ALL big or small doesn't matter to Him. Just continue to build on this.

What about you guys? What are your menu plans? I'd luv to see some furniture turnabouts, etc. I hope y'all come back ya hear??

Tuesday is gonna be recipes and some great finds last week.
Wednesday is WIWW link up.
Thursday uummm....I'll get back with ya on that ;D
Friday the HUGE furniture reveal!

In His  Luv & Wisdom,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

brrrrr it's cold up in HERA!!! what do you do with 12.5 #'s of ground meat

hello luvies!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful, blessed, full-o-luv Valentine's Day. In our home we used to say, Happy <insert drawn heart here> Day! Before Cor could read I would write 'Happy <insert drawn heart here> Day' and I would read "happy", he would energentically shout "HEART", and then I would say Day. I had forgotten about that until this afternoon when a coworker and I were talking. So what did everyone get? I got Cor a "dig your dino out and be an archeologist" with some candy, I got Jeff a big ole bubba mug and filled it with candle and attached cracker jax to it (cracker jax are a favorite of ours around here). I got the "best gift of all, me momma" courtesy of my little man himself! I asked him how did he get so smart, he said, 'Momma, I AM your son," I stiffled a giggle and asked, 'Well, how do you know that I luv so very much?' He promptly answered, "I'm your hunny bunny." Don't you just love those wonderful daily conversations with your littles that warm your heart so much that makes you say to yourself, "Self you ARE doing something right here!"
Here is the card i got Hubster:

Since most of y'all here know Jeff and me and our last name you totally get the I laughed so hard in the walmart card aisle that people started walking on the far side of the aisle with worried glances toward me. LOL! For those of y'all that don't ~ people call us Bubba and Bubbette, AND our last name is Wimp, nope I did not misspell our name!

Already back on track, freezer cooking. I didn't keep to my planned meals last week and therefore wasn't able to freezer batch cook as I was regular cooking. But I wanted to make sure that I did do some freezer cooking, so I ended up with this:

add in 12.5 lbs of this:
ground deer meat courtesy of the wonderful hubster

equals this:

I got six quarts of speghatti, three quarts of sloppy joe mix (it would have been four but we had sloppy joes that night), two quarts of taco meat, and two sandwich baggies of plain meat. I made the freezer portions bigger than we would normally eat, but it allows Buckeroo and me to take lunch leftovers if we want (sandwiches get old) and regular leftovers. All the recipes are homemade compliments of Moi, I'm going to do another post with the recipes next week. I'm really going to try hard to stick to my planned meals because while I like the outcome I didn;t particularly like the several hour process. I really think that if I stick with the planned meals it would be so much easier to do with just tripling the amount I could of a meal or two.

So have any of y'all done freezer cooking? Do you have any helpful tips or ideas? Have any recipes you'd like to share?

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday 2/14/2012

First of all luvies - Happy Valentine's Day!! or as we say around my house:


Today I found a great little giveaway over at can't wait to share it with you! I totally want to win this book, but if you check her blog out and enter and you win I will be so happy for you and then I will ask to borrow your book, lol! just kidding....ok well maybe not.....

Anywho, Britni's blog is chock full of ideas of how to be frugal but they aren't over the top, that we dread to do. She gives everyday ideas and works outside the home fulltime, so alot of her ideas are easy to institute! So right now she is giving away the book, Money Secrets of the Amish. Go read her review, poke around her blog, and enter to win! Here's the link to the actual giveaway .

Have a great Valentines Day!

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings 2-13-2012

Top O' Monday Morning to you!! I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend, we did. We finished some projects around here, we are supposed to be getting our fence installed today or Wednesday. I pray it's today, I'm ready to have a fenced back yard it's only been 6 yrs since I've wanted one BUT we are paying C-A-S-H for it. whoot whoot, just in case you were wondering yes i am total footloose dancing about that. I will be posting pix of that as it progresses.

I decided this week I would break down the Monday Musings post, since they are kinda really long and didn't want to loose you guys like i do (ohh, shiney stuff.....) myself.

Well guys here's a recap of my goals last week, lets see how I measured up (don't be too harse k? - yes I'm talking to myself)

1) Finish my dining room turned craft room- i got nothing, nada, zilch, zero done on this, but strangely enuff I was totally ok with that, I suppose it's because I kept the house cleaned up everynight and that made me feel so accomplished!
2) Get Cor to taekowndo two times - umm, that was a no go, Tuesday night we had Math night at his school and book fair. Thursday night well we just didn't go, Friday night our church had PNO  from 6-10 for $15 (yes you read that right $15 and the more kids you got the cheaper it gets!) we call it kids night in so cor wants to go and play with his friends since we live in a different town than the where our church is located. Once he gets there he forgets about us completely.
3) Do a load of laundry a day  "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!" yes i did do a load a day!! i can't believe that I did this - well i didn't get the clothes put away, they are folded and all but i still count it
4) ACTUALLY cook the ALL the meals that I plan out (altho we are doing better it's sandwiches, frozen pizza or something from the freezer but not eating out) - i did this too! i didn't cook all the planned meals but i did cook a meal every night.
5) Do one of those meals as a freezer batch cooking - yes to the freezer cooking no to how I did it, i did a huge freezer cooking batch on Sunday and to be honest not sure if I will do it again that way, it just seems like alot of work (and it was I know the payoff will be later) BUT i know this had to do with the fact that i did NOT follow my scheduled meals. If I had it would have been so much more pleasant and easier.
6) At least 3 days of Jesus & me time in the morning - only got two, but again this was me i spent some morning time i had on the computer reading blogs and pinning on pinterest.
7) Do 15 min clean up before bed each night - yes, YES, YES let me tell you sistas this was such a wonderful thing that i am trying my hardest to really make a habit. it helps things run so much more smoothly furing the whole week all day! even when i'm at work i'm not worrying about what i haven't gotten done at home!

So my goals are kinda the same, just more building on the ones that i'm getting down and hopefully get the others down.
1) I just hope to get a little quadrant of this room done this week. I won't be home Monday night hubster's outta town and that mean a slumber party at my Momma and Daddy's whoot whoot!
2) I still want to try to get cor there at least once a week, i mean we are paying for it even if we don't use it. It's just hard with everything we have during the week. so i've decided that i will shoot for once a week, and then try to build on that once i get that down.
3) I'm so never stopping this! I'm just going to try to add putting away the laundry instead of it being folded in the laundry basket.
4) I'm going to try to work on sticking with my planned meals just because I think it would help with making the freezer meal batches automatic not another step I have to do (#5).
5) I know that it would have been a ton easier if I had stuck to my meal plans than to have to do a huge extra step Sunday. I won't be doing any this week (most likely) just because there is so much food from my batch Sunday that I don't think I will have freezer room for much else!
6) This is going to be my #1 priority this week, my soul craves this! I have to have this, it really isn't an option. I just have to retrain myself, I used to have it at night after everyone has gone to bed. But I don't want to be up really late anymore since I have to be on the road to Cor's school no later than 7:30 am.
7)This one I just need to continue, there isn't much I think I need to add to.

Well ladies that's it for the goals this week. What are your goals? I want to help with being an accountability partner, like I want you guys to be with me. I still haven't figure out linky parties, but just post them in comments or a link to your blog post if you have one in the comments also and I'll check it out.

Faith Musings I'm thinking sometime a little later in the week, so I have some time to chew and mull over what I read in the week, study at church, etc.

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This is a quick little post, but a few days ago I got an awesome package in the mail from Jodi over at with a giveaway I won! YAY!! i lurve getting surprises in the mail (whoot whoot). anywho here she is:

She has a prominent and permanent spot on my main living room wall. No she doesn't go with our western them, but I don't care. My momma has always told me that I have "no cohesive style" not in a bad way just most people stick with one or two genres of styles. Me - no way - if I luv it I get it and well that makes for an interesting mix. Just in my living room i have a western, modern, midcentury, minimilast (sp?), country, popish design. yes most would call this eclectic but honeys this goes farther than eclectic but it makes me smile from ear to ear so it's all good! I even have a big gumball machine in my living (not an old fashioned one i totally wish but a 2.5 foot tall one that is plastic and has those swirl that go around the base for the gumball to roll around and around as it comes down. yes i totally luv it and we use it! i will post a pix of her soon i promise.

In His Wisdom and Luv,

PS. In my hurry for our doctor appt my sis realized that either I had the date or day wrong, it was the day. So please keep praying over us, it is tomorrow at 9:15am. at least we werent already all the way there!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just What the Doctor Ordered......

Hey Guys,

I wanted to let you know what the doctor said. He has to run a batch of tests (which we already knew) to get baseline readings for me. I already visited one vampire and let me tell y'all she needed to sharpen her skills teeth. I have to go for a test that is very similiar to the glucose test pregnant women have to do to check for gestational diabetes. My infertility stems from two different reasons, one is PCOS and the other are immature egg size. The PCOS, polycycstic ovarian syndrom, have what is called insulin resistance, not diabetes, but similiar in the same workings. So he needs to know how my body processes sugar and that comes from the glucose test. My eggs never reach maturity, a size that can be successfully fertilized. Your eggs have to be at a minimum of 15 to fertilize 18-21 is optimal, mine only reach a max of 8 mostly 5's. This stuff we already knew from going through all this with getting pregnant with Cordell. BUT I must loose 60 lbs minimum before he will do the medicines to get my eggs to a successful number. I'm not upset or mad, I know that he is looking out for my health and any potential babies that we might have. So I need y'all to pray for me and strength. I work best under pressure and when backed into a corner, and in order to have babies this is what I have to do. So far I've been doing good, eating right and exercising, but I'm going to need some longevity strength prayers y'all. Cor and Jeff have been great helpers with this. Cor went to his Papa and Gma's yesterday (they live right down the road from us) and when it got closer to evening time he told Papa, 'I have to go now, Momma needs my help with exercising so she can gave a baby, and I hope it's a boy!' Jeff went out of his way to make sure he ordered the right pizza for me when we had pizza Saturday night (veggie w/chicken instead of meat lovers, lol!). And let me tell y'all Sonic Happy Hour does not hold the same allure that it once did! So not only will it help with health and babies, it'll help our pocket book too (which is a good thing since our insurance doesn't pay for the injectable medicines and that is what costs so much). We go back in 3 months for him to reevaluate everything and we will know more about what direction we will go after that meeting.

And that's it in a nutshell folks!

What can I pray for you about? Big or little doesn't matter if you feel you need prayer about it please let me know and I will be more than happy to pray for y'all.

In His Luv & Wisdom,

Monday Musings

Good mornings friends! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! How many of y'all watched the superbowl (is that supposed to be capitalized)? We had it on in the background while we worked on a few projects. We are not a really big football fan house here --i know i know here in Texas that is tantamount to treason - friday night lights? yeah that about sums up our little town and the other little towns that surrond us. Altho I'm thinking we might have to start to be since my kindergartener came home abt 3 months after school started and said "Momma, we have to go to the football games, you know to show Widlcat support, plus when I get bigger I'm gonna play football and that way we already know where the games are!" yeah sums it up right there. We did have my sis stop by and get Cor when she was going to my folks house for their little get togather.  Plus today was the 1 yr anniversary of Jeff's daddy passing away and his daddy's bday. G said he would make his birthday last year before passing and he did, he was born and died on the same day, just 81 yrs later.

On the faith frontier, we are asking for a lot of prayers this week, friends. We are going to our fertility doctor again to start to try to have some more kids (yes, yes people tell me we're crazy cuz i've got a kindergartener and just now going to try and have more). But all joking aside, we've prayed so much and so hard about this, that we are truely following His will. The closer we got to filling out paperwork to start the foster to adopt program the more I felt Him telling me that right now our path is to go thru this again. Why? I have no idea, because I would totally love to adopt at least one child if not more. Jeff (the hubster) is adopted so we are totally open to that path, but for some reason at this moment and time our path is this way. It's not my job to question, it's my job to obey. Last time it took us 5 yrs before we were able see a doctor (insurance reasons) and it took us abt 1.5 yrs with the doctor to get pregnant with Cordell, so total about 6.5 yrs. We are hoping and praying for good news from the doctors, that it won't take so long this go round, that Jehovah Jireh will provide a way to fund this and ABOVE ALL ELSE that His will be done no matter the outcome or news.

My goals this week are pretty lofty, I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure.

1) Finish my dining room turned craft room
2) Get Cor to taekowndo two times
3) Do a load of laundry a day
4) ACTUALLY cook the ALL the meals that I plan out (altho we are doing better it's sandwiches, frozen pizza or something from the freezer but not eating out)
5) Do one of those meals as a freezer batch cooking
6) At least 3 days of Jesus & me time in the morning
7) Do 15 min clean up before bed each night

I didn't tell y'all but last weeks goals was to get boychild's downstairs room done (yes he has an upstairs room and a downstairs room). He is too scared to sleep upstairs by himself ( I don't blame him I wouldn't want to either and he totally interested my anxiety issues), but will play up there during the daytime. So we made our formal living room into a game/bedroom for him. Well ladies and gents we finally after blood, sweat and tears (I warned y'all I was totally Chicken Little Drama Mama) we finally finished it, rough draft style (do NOT tell hubby that I have finishing touches up my sleeve -mour little secret - K?).But seriously, if I didn't do another thing to it I would be ok, I just wanna make him a little reading tent, having matching tubs for his toys for the shelves we installed, stuff like that. But patience and pocketbook gave out to this that we have right now, and I'm good with it for a while. I swear I will get pix posted Tuesday or Wednesday with a breakdown information - I'm proud of it! But here's a sneak peek:

Yes, we have only one *very over induldged* child
but he is a sweetheart so it's all good :D

I don't really have any project that I'm working on this week and to be honest I think with my goals and the doctor I better leave well enough alone. Umm, yeah, ok so scratch that idea. I was in the middle of cleaning my side table by my chair and it fell completely apart. I mean like A, P, A to the R to the T!!! It's midcentury Danish modern and my momma and daddy got it for me for my bday one year and i totally LURVE it. I prolly shouldn't "use" it but I got a rule, if I can't use it I don't get it. I've got to reglue and all that jazz. And believe me I need   must have that side table for my books and magazines or it looks unorganized (insert me here having that moment that one has when a record keeps scratching over and over again.).

What are your goals, projects and thoughts for this week? Is there anything I can pray for you this week?