Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings 2-13-2012

Top O' Monday Morning to you!! I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend, we did. We finished some projects around here, we are supposed to be getting our fence installed today or Wednesday. I pray it's today, I'm ready to have a fenced back yard it's only been 6 yrs since I've wanted one BUT we are paying C-A-S-H for it. whoot whoot, just in case you were wondering yes i am total footloose dancing about that. I will be posting pix of that as it progresses.

I decided this week I would break down the Monday Musings post, since they are kinda really long and didn't want to loose you guys like i do (ohh, shiney stuff.....) myself.

Well guys here's a recap of my goals last week, lets see how I measured up (don't be too harse k? - yes I'm talking to myself)

1) Finish my dining room turned craft room- i got nothing, nada, zilch, zero done on this, but strangely enuff I was totally ok with that, I suppose it's because I kept the house cleaned up everynight and that made me feel so accomplished!
2) Get Cor to taekowndo two times - umm, that was a no go, Tuesday night we had Math night at his school and book fair. Thursday night well we just didn't go, Friday night our church had PNO  from 6-10 for $15 (yes you read that right $15 and the more kids you got the cheaper it gets!) we call it kids night in so cor wants to go and play with his friends since we live in a different town than the where our church is located. Once he gets there he forgets about us completely.
3) Do a load of laundry a day  "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!" yes i did do a load a day!! i can't believe that I did this - well i didn't get the clothes put away, they are folded and all but i still count it
4) ACTUALLY cook the ALL the meals that I plan out (altho we are doing better it's sandwiches, frozen pizza or something from the freezer but not eating out) - i did this too! i didn't cook all the planned meals but i did cook a meal every night.
5) Do one of those meals as a freezer batch cooking - yes to the freezer cooking no to how I did it, i did a huge freezer cooking batch on Sunday and to be honest not sure if I will do it again that way, it just seems like alot of work (and it was I know the payoff will be later) BUT i know this had to do with the fact that i did NOT follow my scheduled meals. If I had it would have been so much more pleasant and easier.
6) At least 3 days of Jesus & me time in the morning - only got two, but again this was me i spent some morning time i had on the computer reading blogs and pinning on pinterest.
7) Do 15 min clean up before bed each night - yes, YES, YES let me tell you sistas this was such a wonderful thing that i am trying my hardest to really make a habit. it helps things run so much more smoothly furing the whole week all day! even when i'm at work i'm not worrying about what i haven't gotten done at home!

So my goals are kinda the same, just more building on the ones that i'm getting down and hopefully get the others down.
1) I just hope to get a little quadrant of this room done this week. I won't be home Monday night hubster's outta town and that mean a slumber party at my Momma and Daddy's whoot whoot!
2) I still want to try to get cor there at least once a week, i mean we are paying for it even if we don't use it. It's just hard with everything we have during the week. so i've decided that i will shoot for once a week, and then try to build on that once i get that down.
3) I'm so never stopping this! I'm just going to try to add putting away the laundry instead of it being folded in the laundry basket.
4) I'm going to try to work on sticking with my planned meals just because I think it would help with making the freezer meal batches automatic not another step I have to do (#5).
5) I know that it would have been a ton easier if I had stuck to my meal plans than to have to do a huge extra step Sunday. I won't be doing any this week (most likely) just because there is so much food from my batch Sunday that I don't think I will have freezer room for much else!
6) This is going to be my #1 priority this week, my soul craves this! I have to have this, it really isn't an option. I just have to retrain myself, I used to have it at night after everyone has gone to bed. But I don't want to be up really late anymore since I have to be on the road to Cor's school no later than 7:30 am.
7)This one I just need to continue, there isn't much I think I need to add to.

Well ladies that's it for the goals this week. What are your goals? I want to help with being an accountability partner, like I want you guys to be with me. I still haven't figure out linky parties, but just post them in comments or a link to your blog post if you have one in the comments also and I'll check it out.

Faith Musings I'm thinking sometime a little later in the week, so I have some time to chew and mull over what I read in the week, study at church, etc.

In His Luv & Wisdom,


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