Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This is a quick little post, but a few days ago I got an awesome package in the mail from Jodi over at with a giveaway I won! YAY!! i lurve getting surprises in the mail (whoot whoot). anywho here she is:

She has a prominent and permanent spot on my main living room wall. No she doesn't go with our western them, but I don't care. My momma has always told me that I have "no cohesive style" not in a bad way just most people stick with one or two genres of styles. Me - no way - if I luv it I get it and well that makes for an interesting mix. Just in my living room i have a western, modern, midcentury, minimilast (sp?), country, popish design. yes most would call this eclectic but honeys this goes farther than eclectic but it makes me smile from ear to ear so it's all good! I even have a big gumball machine in my living (not an old fashioned one i totally wish but a 2.5 foot tall one that is plastic and has those swirl that go around the base for the gumball to roll around and around as it comes down. yes i totally luv it and we use it! i will post a pix of her soon i promise.

In His Wisdom and Luv,

PS. In my hurry for our doctor appt my sis realized that either I had the date or day wrong, it was the day. So please keep praying over us, it is tomorrow at 9:15am. at least we werent already all the way there!



Praying for you today!

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