Friday, February 24, 2012

Cowboy UP!

Hey Guys!

Just a quick little blurb, we Texan's have Go Texan Day around rodeo time. And as usual we take it uber seriously! The kids get to "dress up" ,or if you have buckeroos like me it's their everyday where they just wear "thar fancy shirts, hats and belt"! yes buckeroo said that this morning, altho to get the whole sweetness i'm gonna spell it out just like he said it, "mama, i wanna waar my faancee butN up shert, cowlboy hayut, n beeelt tamarow." no jokes, i just luv his little voice! They get to do all sort of fun Texas themed things at school. Lesson plans are planned around it, they did Texas Addition math along with a Wild West All About Texas packet for history (yes oru kindergarten has history), and some other subjects. They get to eat chili and all the fixings, and the PTO does a whole backdrop and takes pix for $2 (i'll upload that one when we get it back) at lunch. Here's my little Buckeroo Dude this morning:

This lil guy melts my heart everytime I look at him.

Here he is with his Daddy Hero, from the time he could talk he called his Daddy his hero. Total melt again! He wants to be just like his Daddy, Hubster is a great person to want to be just like! I know I talk alot about how blessed I am, but y'all when I look at my boys and think about them it sometimes makes my heart almost stop knowing how lucky I am.

You can see why I can't be upset with either one of them much!

I luv you guys! Thanks for making me such a happy wife and happy Momma, I am so blessed!

In His Luv & Wisdom,



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So so cute! Your little boy is ADORABLE!


Being from Texas myself I remember the Rodeo days lol. Your little cowboy is so darn cute!! It is a pleasure to follow you back:)


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