Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just What the Doctor Ordered......

Hey Guys,

I wanted to let you know what the doctor said. He has to run a batch of tests (which we already knew) to get baseline readings for me. I already visited one vampire and let me tell y'all she needed to sharpen her skills teeth. I have to go for a test that is very similiar to the glucose test pregnant women have to do to check for gestational diabetes. My infertility stems from two different reasons, one is PCOS and the other are immature egg size. The PCOS, polycycstic ovarian syndrom, have what is called insulin resistance, not diabetes, but similiar in the same workings. So he needs to know how my body processes sugar and that comes from the glucose test. My eggs never reach maturity, a size that can be successfully fertilized. Your eggs have to be at a minimum of 15 to fertilize 18-21 is optimal, mine only reach a max of 8 mostly 5's. This stuff we already knew from going through all this with getting pregnant with Cordell. BUT I must loose 60 lbs minimum before he will do the medicines to get my eggs to a successful number. I'm not upset or mad, I know that he is looking out for my health and any potential babies that we might have. So I need y'all to pray for me and strength. I work best under pressure and when backed into a corner, and in order to have babies this is what I have to do. So far I've been doing good, eating right and exercising, but I'm going to need some longevity strength prayers y'all. Cor and Jeff have been great helpers with this. Cor went to his Papa and Gma's yesterday (they live right down the road from us) and when it got closer to evening time he told Papa, 'I have to go now, Momma needs my help with exercising so she can gave a baby, and I hope it's a boy!' Jeff went out of his way to make sure he ordered the right pizza for me when we had pizza Saturday night (veggie w/chicken instead of meat lovers, lol!). And let me tell y'all Sonic Happy Hour does not hold the same allure that it once did! So not only will it help with health and babies, it'll help our pocket book too (which is a good thing since our insurance doesn't pay for the injectable medicines and that is what costs so much). We go back in 3 months for him to reevaluate everything and we will know more about what direction we will go after that meeting.

And that's it in a nutshell folks!

What can I pray for you about? Big or little doesn't matter if you feel you need prayer about it please let me know and I will be more than happy to pray for y'all.

In His Luv & Wisdom,



Honey I know you, and if this is something you really want and I think it is you will not let anything or anyone stop you including yourself. You can do this and much more you are a strong woman. You are your mother's daughter and I know what you can do once your mind is made up. I will pray for you and your success. Just know I love you and willing to do whatever you need from me. I really wished I could follow this blog but for whatever reason everything I try will not let me. lol. So I will just make daily visits here putting in my two cents (just like an Aaron lol)Love you
Aunt Cindy


Thank you for the update! I was thinking and praying for you all weekend! It will be hard work, but at least there is direction. My husband was diagnosed with Diabetes when he was 27 and I am the opposite where I get low blood sugar. Crazy how every body processes sugar differently. I will be praying and encouraging you on in this!


thank you guys so much! just knowing that i have so many people behind me makes this journey easier to traverse. aunt cindy you're right i won't let anyone stop me, not even myself (and i can be my own worst enemy).
erin - thank you so much for your kind words! when is that baby coming?

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