Wednesday, February 15, 2012

brrrrr it's cold up in HERA!!! what do you do with 12.5 #'s of ground meat

hello luvies!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful, blessed, full-o-luv Valentine's Day. In our home we used to say, Happy <insert drawn heart here> Day! Before Cor could read I would write 'Happy <insert drawn heart here> Day' and I would read "happy", he would energentically shout "HEART", and then I would say Day. I had forgotten about that until this afternoon when a coworker and I were talking. So what did everyone get? I got Cor a "dig your dino out and be an archeologist" with some candy, I got Jeff a big ole bubba mug and filled it with candle and attached cracker jax to it (cracker jax are a favorite of ours around here). I got the "best gift of all, me momma" courtesy of my little man himself! I asked him how did he get so smart, he said, 'Momma, I AM your son," I stiffled a giggle and asked, 'Well, how do you know that I luv so very much?' He promptly answered, "I'm your hunny bunny." Don't you just love those wonderful daily conversations with your littles that warm your heart so much that makes you say to yourself, "Self you ARE doing something right here!"
Here is the card i got Hubster:

Since most of y'all here know Jeff and me and our last name you totally get the I laughed so hard in the walmart card aisle that people started walking on the far side of the aisle with worried glances toward me. LOL! For those of y'all that don't ~ people call us Bubba and Bubbette, AND our last name is Wimp, nope I did not misspell our name!

Already back on track, freezer cooking. I didn't keep to my planned meals last week and therefore wasn't able to freezer batch cook as I was regular cooking. But I wanted to make sure that I did do some freezer cooking, so I ended up with this:

add in 12.5 lbs of this:
ground deer meat courtesy of the wonderful hubster

equals this:

I got six quarts of speghatti, three quarts of sloppy joe mix (it would have been four but we had sloppy joes that night), two quarts of taco meat, and two sandwich baggies of plain meat. I made the freezer portions bigger than we would normally eat, but it allows Buckeroo and me to take lunch leftovers if we want (sandwiches get old) and regular leftovers. All the recipes are homemade compliments of Moi, I'm going to do another post with the recipes next week. I'm really going to try hard to stick to my planned meals because while I like the outcome I didn;t particularly like the several hour process. I really think that if I stick with the planned meals it would be so much easier to do with just tripling the amount I could of a meal or two.

So have any of y'all done freezer cooking? Do you have any helpful tips or ideas? Have any recipes you'd like to share?

In His Luv & Wisdom,



That's so awesome and inspiring Michelle, I love to have lots on hand to use on a busy evening!!!:) I used to cook ahead a lot more than I have been doing recently and I need to start doing so again!!:)


@texanbrit - thank you so much! i hope to do some more that is a little easier by just tripling one to two meals each week. let me know if you have any great recipes or tips!


HA HA HA I would have been laughing pretty hard too!! What a PERFECT card!! Well since you know I am sick, my hubs didn't even get a card, geeze I could of at least wrote him a love note... glad I am thinking of this now. I had a sudden burst of energy, so I am wasting it at the computer lol!
Thanks for the sweet note about my Vday decor and the well wishes. Hope you have a great week!!!

Britni @ Our Eventual Homestead

We have a bunch of ground venison in our freezer. I really need to do this! It would make busy weekday evenings soooo much easier :)

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