Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thrifty Finds for the Holidays

Hey Friends,

I had been staying out of the thrift/vintage/antique stores lately because we've been remodeling a TON, and all funds have been going to that. Although it was tuff at times I look at my kitchen and entertainment center and it's totally worth it.

BBBBUUUUTTT, for Christmas I got some money so I decided to treat myself. I usually pay bills that come up or redo something else. Plus my aunts were in town and they love thrift stores as much as I do, so it didn't take much arm twisting. Here's what I found:

This is not all the finds but my most favorite ones.

And here they are staged
The top picture is probably 85% of what I found.
The frog is for the last stain glass I need for my kitchenette windows (which I changed the curtains for those again - more to come later). When I was preggers with Buckeroo he would sit like a frog facing out. Little dude did that for the last month of my pregnancy, so long that when he was born and we would put him to sleep his little legs would pull up just like a frog's legs would. Hence his nickname, Frogman, and my first (of eleven tattoos) is a frog (yes I was 29 before I got my first tat). It's actually plastic beads melted that one could do in their oven but I don't care, details smetails - it's a frog. It was a whopping $.50, lol!
The glass globey thingy (yea I'm pretty technical, ha!) I've always wanted one but when they first came out they were too expensive but this baby was $1. I've always wanted a terrium, I now have one, it is just lacking the baby dino that Cor is willing to part with for a little something extra.
The green bottle is just really a pretty cool bottle that I couldn't put back when she told me it was $3. It's from about the mid to late 70's (I'm thinking), one side says juice the other says water. I really think it will be an awesome flower vase, but until I get some flowers it looks pretty nice as is.
The celluloid grapes, of how I love thee, let me count thy ways. Yes, I know total 60-70's, I just need some shag carpet, velvet drapes and a swag light. ok, this baby was NO thrifty find it falls under the vintage category. I almost didn't get it due to the price BUT they had a 20% off sale so it ended up being $28. I picked it up and put it down, gosh a dozen times, but y'all it has all the colors of my fabric for the dining room roman shades (yeah, y'all don't know about those either, however I didn't take a picture of the fabric before giving it to my seamstress). Truly it's fabu y'all and I'm telling you it makes me smile every time I pass them, which is a lot since it's in the dining. Since I got rid of the eat in kitchenette it's the only eating place and I have to walk through there to go to the stairs to go to bed.
The little wine glasses are hard to see but they have the same gold wheat pattern that my dishes have that my mother in law gave me that was her wedding china (yes I use the 'good china' every day). It's hard to find that pattern so when I do find pieces I snatch them up, these were $2 for the pair.
The rest was some miniature ornaments for the Christmas tree in my office, some things for my parents that could host as Mr. & Mrs. Claus' house they decorate so amazingly (yes I am biased but everyone tells me that). A cute Avon cologne bottle that looks like a Christmas tree, a rose pattern ornament, and a BRAND NEW pair of Bob's iridescent sparkle shoes (so excited!). The total came to about $50, which is more than I would normally put in as thrifty but I found some great deals!
Dagmar over at Dagmar's Home is have a "Thrifty and Vintage Link up" party and I'm going over to party it up, you should come over and see some of the great stuff there!
Much Luv,