Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!! {or another cool reason to dress like a solder}

Happy Halloween 2012

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween from our family to yours!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guess What Today Was or {We Got Photo Ham}

Can you guess what day it was of Red Ribbon Week?
 Someone is a ham
Or maybe this one shows his hammy side??

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whose Your Super Hero?

Yesterday Buckeroo jumps in the car after school and says "I need a super hero cape and mask for tomorrow for Kicking Drugs to the Curb for Red Ribbon Week!!" He's totally excited and rambunctious and I say a quick pray that he is ALWAYS this excited about being drug free. So i start thinking, 'Well it is close to Halloween I can probably still get a Superman, Batman or something.' Then my natural instinct to survive kicks in and I start to think of ways to NOT have to go to Walmart, and I decide to call upon my own superhero powers that a wonderful sweet friend helped me culivate months ago. We get home, get that day's homework done and I ask Buckeroo what he wants it to look and what he wants. He excited says "I want flames that way I can have fire as my super power to destroy drugs." DING DING DING we have a winner! I just *happen* to have some red fabric with LOTS of orange and yellow flames (we won't discuss the fact that I have four baskets of fabric). So I get right onto it and completely ignore the house and the fact I have camping gear everywhere and I seriously need to do laundry before we leave for our Boy Scouts fall campout Friday (and I'm being completely serious). While I am probably not the best person for a tutorial I decided I'm going to do one, just please know that I am NOT a professional by any standards and there are probably a bagillion better ways to do this than mine.

First, I took my fabric measured from shoulder to shoulder on Buckeroo (aka held it to his shoulders with my fingers) and then folded it in half so I could keep the placement correct. I then cut at a diagonal, to get the smaller top and larger bottom effect. I also cut the eye mask at the same time - this was just a strip of fabric approx. 3" wide.
On the top right corner you can see the actual cape I cut, I'm cutting the eye mask in the picture.Then I double folded and ironed each seam and then stiched them. I tried to do all the seams at once but for some reason (I think the weight of the fabric) the seams didn't stay well, so I went to one seam at a time.When I got to the top and bottom and folded the seam I had to cut the corners at a diagonal so they weren't all funky weird corner tails sticking out. LOL!
Then I outlined Buckeroo's eyes with a red sharpie lightly so I could cut out the eyeholes. I stiched around the openings so they won't fray. Next measure (short cut way from above)where the material will meet on their head, cut leaving a 1" seam allowance (two 1/2" folds) and stich. Attach what ever you're using for closures I used snaps, mainly because that is what I had on hand, but it did keep it on his head securely!
I used white grossgrain ribbon as the tie, I stitched it along the top of the cape and left enough to tie I also double folded and stitched the ends so they wouldn't fray. Then my neurotic self kicked in this morning and thought I need a better way for this to release if it gets caught on something while he's playing at recess. So I thought and thought and looked and looked but I couldn't find anything. I had no velcro, no easy open snaps, nothing.....except double sided sticky mounting tape. Yep sure did, this momma sent her little guy to school with double sided sticky mounting tape and the closure on the ribbon so I didn't have to fret about him and the slide or him and running around the playground equipment all day. I'm gonna get some velcro next week and attach it.
 Had to get my Fall/Halloween mantle in with my cute little model! Here's one more just for good measure and I think the model is purdy darn awesome and cute ahem excuse me COOL!


Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Way for Menu Monday

Hello Luvies!

I don't have a new Menu Monday post because, well, I'm tired of the same ole same ole. But being a person who doesn't particularly find the fun in cooking I MUST have 30 minute or less meals or it's sandwiches. It's not that I particularly dislike cooking, I just don't want to spend my evenings doing it and everything it entails <prepping, cooking, clean up, etc>. I'm a working momma with some great perks on my hours. I get to come in after dropping Buckeroo off at school and leave when it's time to pick him up. So we get home about 4:45, but it never seems enough time with him with homework, chores, laundry, room mom, den mom & cub scouts, etc. So short story long I would rather spend that time with Buckeroo and Bubba Hubster.

Anywho, I've decided to make menu planning a game with the whole family, I make a list of meats, veggies, fruits, and sides that we all like and assigned them a number 1-6 (so far). We are gonna have dice and roll them to choose what our meal with be, I think it will be interesting some of the combo's we come up with! I mean seriously rut alert: refried beans are eaten ONLY when I fix Mexican food - even tho everyone in our family LUVS refried beans! So we are starting this tonight and I hope that it will be not only getting out of our food rut, but will be a fun way to spend some family time togather.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Menu Plan and weekend wrap up

hello luvs ~ sorry for the delay and absense. we've been busy with school, church, cub scouts, fall cleaning, clearing property, fostering, etc.

Everything is going great on all fronts, it's so nice!

Buckaroo is luving 1st grade, altho for some reason he thinks this year is longer than last year. I think it's because some of his friends from church their school district has shorter days for kindergarten. Ours doesn't, which has really been a blessing.

Bubba Hubster and I are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church and it is
AH-MAY-ZING!! It's really changing how we see and spend money, we are enjoying it so much. and I'm enjoying the time Bubba Hubster and I are getting to spend togather, and it's nice not to argue about money and how to dispense it.

Buckaroo was so upset last year when he found out he was too young for Cub Scouts, and then at the beginning of this year he didn't wanna join. But then the Scout Master came and talked to his school and he was roaring to go <that made this former Girl Scout's heart sing>. Well there was noone to be Den Leader so guess who stepped in? Nope not me, but Big Daddy aka Bubba Hubster. Actually he really wanted to do it, I didnt say a word, he approached me. I knew I couldn't take on another roll with room mom, fostering and working. We were so lucky another Dad stepped forward to be Asssistant den Leader. I decided to be a Co-Assistant Den Leader just because all of us leaders work long hours and do a number of business trips, plus I figure I'm the back up to the back up, LOL! Pray for me we are going camping camping in two weekends, and for this momma well the heated/ac'd travel trailer is ruffing it for me!

We've been doing fall cleaning inside and out, the ceilings and walls never got sweeped down during the summer so i'm making up for it right now. Outside we just are clearing the underbrush and years of pine needles in out wooded parts of our acreage (plus Bubba Hubster really likes bonfires) :D

On the fostering we are just waiting for the fire inspection now, I'll be calling the gas pressure tester tomorrow and as soon as he's done we can all the fire marshall. whoot whoot! we still need at least one crib, but we did get the last dresser we needed.

I think that's all for now! So here's our menu plan for the week - Hope you enjoy!

Monday - Speghati, garlic toast, fruit
Tuesday - Tacos and tostados, rice and beans
Wednesday - Sandwiches & chips, side of carrots w/ranch
Thursday - Cheeseburgers & fries, fruit
Friday - Mexican Casserole (speghatios for Buckaroo as he does not like ANYTHING made with Cream of Mushroom soup)
Saturday - lunch: nachos
                 dinner: baked chicken, mashed potatoes & fried okra
Sunday - lunch: out or bugers
               dinner: ham, julienne potatoes, carrots

Much Luv!!