Monday, July 14, 2014

Yes our blood is blue but not for the reasons you think...

Hey Friends!

As you know we are trying to do little projects here and there to do finishing details on rooms (I say that tongue in cheek because I am NEVA finished!). So you know we moved the master upstairs right {if not, we did, I'll do a post on that later, ahem}? Well now boy child, better known as Buckaroo, will sleep upstairs {no I don't blame him I wouldn't want to sleep up there by myself either, just saying}. But we needed d├ęcor, come in posters from many, M-A-N-Y book fairs at school, and Hob Lob's famous 50% off sale for the poster frames (yes I must have frames for posters - it stems from child hood my momma wouldn't let us tack up posters with push pins too many holes in the wall and tape ruins the paint). Plus they just look nicer and feel more important. Anywho, Buckaroo's room has two windows, one normal and one well not so normal. I already had the curtain material just no confidence to make them. I have a friend that is a wonderful seamstress that can rework or make anything, enter Bonnie and her trusty side kick, her machine.

Here are the results:

Here are the bare windows (although I did have a sheet hanging up before privacy, because a) that's how this momma rolls and b) it looked better than aluminum foil {yes, I DID just say that}) before:

One thing I can't stand is to look in from a window and see unfinished looking curtains (yes I have lots of issues, ha!) so almost all my curtains are custom made double lined. Buckaroo's are no different:

Now, in reference to the post title, we at this home (as much as this momma who only watches sophomore league football because Buckaroo is playing) have Cowboys blue running through our veins. My mom in law started Hubster on it the minute he was brought home.

I have lots more in store for y'all, but we are going on vacation this week so I'm not promising anything but most likely I will have at least one more post this week.

Much Luv,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hey Y'all!! I'm still here and kicking.

hey yall!! I know I know I don't know why I do this to myself. I take a gazillion pictures to make a post later on but never get to it! So here is a really quick one.

We've been doing some little and BIG projects around the house and here is one:

Ok so this is the before pix - yes we had the same blinds in the big window I just didn't think about a pix until after we had it down. Hubster wouldn't rehang it for me for photo ops, wonder why?

And here is the after. I really wanted the curtains to be mounted INSIDE the windows but I could find rods that would work as the tension ones are too heavy for the length I needed for the big window. but later when trim out the windows with wood (I do NOT like bullnose edging - UGH!) hubby said he could just flatten the mounting brackets out with his vice (YAY for jack of all trades hubbies!). But I'm still in TOTAL love with them!

And here is the view as you walk up our driveway. Y'all the reason I choose this house is because of the farmhouse style of it. This is just exactly what I pictured in my head 8 years ago when we bought this place. I have some wild flower seed pads I'm going to plant this weekend in the kitchen window area (the space behind where the tree is).

I need to find a group of friends that want to publish posts but only about one or two a week so we all take turns posting (5 days a week 5 people) and still feel like we have time for our families! Any takers? Yes, I am being serious, let me know.

Much Luv,

PS. Yes that is a library chair on my front porch that has been there since we roadside rescued it (for FREE!)  a couple months ago. I'm gonna make it over for hubby but haven't gotten to it. Maybe this weekend we have freeway closures EVERYWHERE for our big Grand Parkway coming in.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Me October Edition

Hey All!

Ms. Amie over at While Wearing Heels is having her monthly get in the pix link up. This month was a little different as it was about our cloths, and how they say a lot about who WE are. I kept forgetting to take my picture, I was going to take it in Cor's football team shirt. But I'm really glad I kept forgetting, my shirts for the PTO board came in and it sums up me more truly.

I know its backwards but I had no one here but me. It reads, "I volunteer, what's your superpower?" with our school district mascot's paw print (we're the Wildcats). Our elementary's theme this year is super hero kids hence the super power.
I absolutely LOVE being a momma and everything that goes with being a momma. Volunteering, parties, room mom, church helper, watching practices, etc, along with all that comes a lot of volunteering and I truly truly do love it. I love that I am known as Cordell's momma. Plus it was blingy, bahahaha.
But in all seriousness, I feel a need and duty to volunteer, if we all help a bit it makes a huge difference, plus many hands make like work. Think about volunteering - anywhere, any amount of time, for any cause.
Much Luv,

Friday, September 27, 2013

This Is Me September Edition

The fabulous Amy over at While Wearing Heels is posting her September Edition of This Is Me, and the theme (optional) is "what is going on in your life."

I'm notorious for WANTING to do This Is Me but not FOLLOWING through, so being the I'm gonna quite planning and start doing new self, decided to look through my cell phone and load 'em up!

We have been knee deep with friends spending the weekend. We had two weekends back to back that we were blessed with friends spending the weekend with us.

Much Luv!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Operation Birthday 8.0 in pictures

Hey All!

Just a quick little pop in and TONS of pictures of Buckaroos birthday party!

I'll be back latter in the week (or next week) to talk about each area and different things that we did in detail.

Without further adue:

I'll be back with details latter, I hope that everyone has a wonderful, love filled, miracle witnessing day!

Much Luv,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Operation Birthday 8.0 or {my frogboy baby is not a baby anymore}

Hey Hey Hey!!

Sorry this post is a wee bit hate, but y'all know me and how this caddy girl rolls...

Anywho Operation Birthday 8.0 has commenced (for about two weeks now - I don't the year I've been thinking about it in my head). This year Buckaroo choose Nascar, surprisingly it wasn't Duck Dynasty, more because I think I told him "No more changing your mind, pick a theme and stick to it. Momma needs prep time son" and all the DD theme stuff wasn't out when he choose. Next year I KNOW what will be the them, haha!

Of course it will be City Mouse and City Mouse's wives house, more affectionately known around here as Papa & Gma. I call them city mouse because of the children's book City Mouse and Country Mouse, although they live in the country. We will once again have a swim party, yay for grandparents with swimming pools. He's loves cars, especially race cars which led to his theme choice Nascar.

I've bought the goody bag stuff, which really has NOTHING to do with Nascar, but he liked the stuff so yep, it's what we bought. This year momma bear is getting all fancied up, and the main playing theme throughout will be the checkered flag, the green finish flag and the number 8. The goody bag "pit stop" will have 8 parts. All parts will have a checkered flag numbered 1-8 with 8 being the green finish flag showing them what to do. Station one will be getting the bag, there will be six goody bag fillers stops, and the eighth station will be for them to sticker their bag shut and write their name on the bag.

The food layout will be the same as above except it will be known as "filling station." Station one will be plates, buns will be station 2, condiments are station 3, hotdogs will be station 4, chili is station 5, toppings are station 6, chips are station 7 and drinks are station 8.

The cake will be made by yours truly, I have always baked every birthday cake Buckaroo has every wanted for his birthday. This year he wasn't the Nascar race track, a lot of work but absolutely worth every moment. On  the cake table I want seven different sweets but I can only think of 3, to include the cake. I'm going to have chocolate donuts labeled "Black walls" and powdered donuts labeled "white walls". I thought about something round, maybe gumballs or something, and labeling them "ball bearings".I need a nifty name for the cake and some other sweet stuff. I need a nifty name for the sweet table too!

I've thought about getting some tire floats BUT I worry about that since there will be a large number of kids in the pool. I worry that it will be more trouble and stuff for them to horseplay with. So I will more than likely NOT go with them.

I've also thought about having eight different 'locations' for the event, but I cant think of any. I was thinking gift table #1, goody bag table #2, cake #3, food#4, eating area #5, swimming pool #6, playground #7. I've gone completely BLANK for an eighth!!  If you have ideas PLEASE share them!

Did I mention the party is THIS Saturday, and it's his actual birthday!!

Please send me your ideas!!

Much Luv,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Status Report for the !st day of 2nd grade

Alrighty Friends!

So our 1st day back was great! He really likes his teacher, and he was really excited that they played games "that helped us know each other!"

His most excited moment was when he told me that since they are older they get to sit with anyone they want to on Fridays at lunch. He was so happy as his best buddy is in a different class than him, as well as his cub scout mates and friends that we still have 'friend time" (aka play dates BUT he informed me about a year ago that he was too old for playdates) with outside of school since they haven't been in class togather in two years!! We (the other momma and grandma and I) would call them the three musketeers, where one was they all were!

He was a grumpy guss by the end of the day and thus allowed no photos. I can't really blame him, he's up at 7, at school by 8, learning at 8:30, end of school at 4, pick up at 4:15, home at 4:30, ready for football practice at 5, leave for practice at 5:30, actual practice from 6-8, home at 8:20ish, dinner at 8:30 (he refuses to eat before practice and I don't blame him), bath at 9, bed at 9:30. We're trying to fine tune and shave time off somewhere so we can have bed at 9, he's used to being in bed at 8:30. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, competitive sports are grueling!!

But all in all he had a really great first day! I hope everyone else did too!!

I was able to sneak this one in as he didn't know I was taking it, lol!
 He's the green and yellow guy!
Much Luv,