Monday, March 2, 2015

Beautiful Mondays {Mani Monday}

Hello Luvies!

On Mondays I'm going to post about something that goes with beauty, hence the name Beautiful Mondays.

This week is manicures, Mani Monday! I do my own manicures, don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to have professional manicures done. But two things always stop me, money and time. The money because around here it's a $20 bill for the very basic of any manicures. You can forget shellac for that, shellacs go for the same price as a set of acrylic nails. I just can't bring myself to pay that every week, and yes I am that hard on my nails. And time, we all run short on time, but it's the same reason I quit getting fake nails and my eyebrows waxed. It's never quick, there is the wait time at the salon and then the time to do it.

I pretty much just want color and I found an awesome set that takes about ten minutes to complete. I love love LOVE Fuse GelNamel, I believe that Sally Hansen, maker of SensatioNAIL makes it, but not positive. The whole starter kit, a color, cleaner, wipes AND light, is around $15 (Walmart is the cheapest but Walgreens is a close runner up). You can also get loads of different colors for around $10 per bottle. If you're a person that loves a color and will wear it until the bottle is empty than you could get away with a bottle per year. I'm also really lazy when it comes to application, my criteria, a few steps as possible, this fit the bill. There are three steps from beginning to end, while most others had three steps just for polish alone, naw, momma ain't down for that! You prep your nail bed, polish and light cure, bam done with that nail! I can seriously do my whole manicure in about ten minutes, I prep the next nail while the previous one is light curing allowing no down time.

These last me about a week maybe a little  less, but again I am VERY hard on my nails. I do computer work all day, come home and do more computer stuff personally, cook and clean dinner, all that good stuff. But in all actuality I've researched the other ones that are at a minimum more than double the price and the reviews all state they last about a week also. I've got six colors and just decided to play around a bit. Tell me what you think about my mani - usually I'm just a plain all nails one color gal.

So what do you think? I'm actually really digging it, which surprises me.

Next Monday will be waxing your own facial hair. Oh yea, I'm going there!

See you on Wednesday!

Much Luv,


Karen Burns

Sally Hansen also makes a really good gel nail color that doesn't require the light. I'm very hard on my nails for the same reasons and it last pretty good.

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