Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kitchen Spruce Up {or I FINALLY found my antique tins for the backsplash!!}

Hey Friends!

So to continue on with the Kitchen Spruce Up, I knew I wanted a back splash (other than the 3" lip of the formica counter tops). Andrea over at Queen B & Me gave me this idea many moons ago (this momma is a gem of shabby chic decorating you must check her out!). So for years now I've been on the look out for AFFORDABLE architectural salvage tin, umm, yea Shell I don't think those words go together  AT ALL. But I finally hit the jack pot at a shop in Galveston I always frequent when we are there, $3 per tin! I really wanted thirty six pieces for the future "big update" but they only had enough for twenty one, so I'll figure out something when that time comes.

All I'm going to do is wipe it down, clear coat it and then we'll attach them to the wall. As I posted on my Instagram I love the rust and patina #rusthasmyheart LOL!

I never really thought I would be able to find the tins without using majority of my budget for them. After the paint job, I knew something would have to be nixed as it was more expensive than I thought. But thanks to my new found patience and not jumping the gun for a "it'll work for now" back splash I was able to get these beautifies. I just wish I knew their stories.

Now how long will it take us to get them up? #procrastinators

Much Luv!


Karen Burns

it is going to be beautiful. What a find. Now you must share the name of the shop in Galveston ... please.

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