Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Mania {or week recap of 08/11-16/14}

Hey Hey Hey Guys!!

How is everyone doing? Have your littles started back to school yet? My not-so-little little starts a week from TODAY! Say what?! When did summer even come much less go?!

We've had a really nice summer to be truthful. Although with football our summer really ends the beginning of August as camp and practices start the second week.

I meant to have this recap up Monday morning, but being the last week before school starts I have a dozen fires in the oven. I should be sewing hanger helpers, but I want to keep my streak going, lol!

Without any more yacking here's what filled our week!

 A huge, MEGA-HUGE, goodwill drop off.

Rock out Job Momma!
 My car is usually too nasty (yes nasty) for me to every want to post a picture. BUT this weekend I actually vacuumed it after cleaning it out for the Goodwill trip. I have no shame in saying that I will gladly pay my $35 to the car cleaning place, but I have a patience problem so I grabbed the shop vacuum, rag and cleaner.
One of my BFF's, Jeri, she is my sister truly.

We had a girls night out, I can think of two I've had in my entire life, this was the second. We had dinner and closed the mall down! I used to be the 'shop till you drop' gal of my friends - but I have met my match, lol! I got some really nice stuff, Jeri has an amazing eye for fashion, and what fashion that looks good on people. I walked blisters on my feet!

Photobomb Daddy!

We had our first real scrimmage against another league team this weekend. We had two actually, we won both. Cor plays both offense and defense, he's a beast, he got one sack on the quarterback, two recoveries and two stripping the ball. I don't know much about football to be honest, but I love our coaches. Yes, one I'm partial to, Jeff is the defense coach, but in all seriousness, our head coach has taught the boys how to play as a true team, to not compete with one another but to compete together against the opposing team.
 Complete total pinterest FAIL!
A partial pinterst fail.

The weekend was full of pinterest major fails and a partial fail. The partial fail wasn't too bad or even a fail per say, just not what I'm envisioning.

What were you up to this week and weekend?
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Your girls night out looked fun. You should make it a priority to do it more often with all you do for everyone else! I'm really impressed with your Goodwill donation! Makes me want to go purge my things.

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