Friday, August 1, 2014

What's happening HotStuff??

Hey Ya'll!!

Do y'all know what movie the title post is referencing? A virtual $10 to the first person to guess, lol!

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to, and the how to posts will be coming next week and the week after.

This is "Tweet Tweet" I've been enjoying being able to create.

This is "Roberta" it has my favorite Robert Frost quote on it.
My self made planner - I came across this idea on another blog and I luv it!
We've been up to Cub Scouts, football and school starting to gear up, I can't believe it! I miss that summer is almost over!
Football camp was all last week and practices start Monday!! But we WILL have at least one more mini vacation before school starts!
School supplies and needs shopping has already commenced, say what?! I know it's cray-cray.
This past Saturday we had our yearly planning meeting for Cub Scouts, I just can not believe that its almost here!!
Our PTO stuff is starting to gear up too, although a bit more slowly than the rest, lol! thank you Tracy!
***Don't forget!! I'll be at Danielle's blog this Sunday at 1 pm, (say what?! I know!!) please come over and check it out***
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

You've been one busy lady. Those necklaces are gorgeous. I had no idea you made such beautiful jewelry. And, it sounds like you have been busy!

I'm not a big movie buff but, could the quote be from 16 Candles?

Amy of While Wearing Heels've been keeping your talents a secret. I had no idea you made such beautiful jewelry. I am really impressed.

In addition to making beautiful things, sounds like you are busy. Good thing you have that cool binder to keep you organized.

I'm not much of a movie buff but I am going to guess '16 Candles'.

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