Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Brain Outside My Skull {or my DIY Planner}

Hey Y'all!

How is everyone doing? I hope y'all enjoyed my being real post over at Danielle's, I enjoyed writing it and being real for like minded people. It was refreshing.

So in being real, I have to confess I have no memory, zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing. It's been hard for me since before I was pregnant I could recall anything it could be the most insignificant detail from five years beforehand and I could recall it. It's.....insane, and I mean that seriously, it was driving me insane. So I went to a neurologist just to make sure I didn't have early onset dimentia as it runs in our family. Her and my regular doctor said the same thing after running tests, you are too busy and too much on your mind. Their remedy was for me to cut back on things and obligations, but y'all know that wasn't going to happen. So I decided to quit obsessing about my missing memory and decided to do brain dumps into my planner.

Except one thing, I could never find a planner I really liked or worked well for me. There was always something. I really didn't want another thing to carry around , so I tried all the electronic planners. Well, that just doesn't work for a non technical person like myself, as much as I would love to be able to understand technology I just can't.

The paper planners were too small, too big, not enough room for notes, etc. I didn't want to carry a book for a planner, a book for notes, one for church, one for PTO, one for Cub Scouts, one for football, etc etc etc. So I came across this wonderful post over at Jammerill Stewart's "Free HomeSchool Deals", so I'm not going to go over the 'how-to' since she did an amazing job just my details.

This is the almost finished project. When I was in MOPS (a GREAT organization if you have preschoolers) we did the same thing except we used it only for a notebook. We had a clasp for it but I can't remember how it was done, and mine has long since been used up and disposed of.

Here is some personalization I did for mine. I probably didn't need to cover the inside since I will most likely have it covered with pictures but I love a pretty background. On the front page I glued a pretty background (see?) and I'm writing my favorite or meaningful to me quotes.

 I love how the squares are big enough to see at a glace and still have room to write stuff if multiple things are going on one day. I didn't use a page for a weekly break down as I just needed more of a monthly calendar and a place for notes.

Since I don't homeschool I changed mine up to fit me and my lifestyle. I need a place to dump EVERYTHING, yet have some organization to it. My only regret is not leaving another empty page after the above breakdown page for room in case of a meeting or whatever comes up. But I will just add some tabs to the back with PTO Board, Cub Scouts, Football, Work, Blog, Church, ETC and use that as my more in depth note needs.
(Funny side note can you see where I was working on this blog post above?)
So tell what you think? Also do you have any other ideas? I'm always open for anything to help me remember stuff, be more organized, etc?
Much Luv,
PS. I would love to see your planners leave a link in the comments!


Amy of While Wearing Heels

I love that not only does this new organizational system of yours has important things to remember but also pictures of the family and inspirational quotes.

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