Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Way for Menu Monday

Hello Luvies!

I don't have a new Menu Monday post because, well, I'm tired of the same ole same ole. But being a person who doesn't particularly find the fun in cooking I MUST have 30 minute or less meals or it's sandwiches. It's not that I particularly dislike cooking, I just don't want to spend my evenings doing it and everything it entails <prepping, cooking, clean up, etc>. I'm a working momma with some great perks on my hours. I get to come in after dropping Buckeroo off at school and leave when it's time to pick him up. So we get home about 4:45, but it never seems enough time with him with homework, chores, laundry, room mom, den mom & cub scouts, etc. So short story long I would rather spend that time with Buckeroo and Bubba Hubster.

Anywho, I've decided to make menu planning a game with the whole family, I make a list of meats, veggies, fruits, and sides that we all like and assigned them a number 1-6 (so far). We are gonna have dice and roll them to choose what our meal with be, I think it will be interesting some of the combo's we come up with! I mean seriously rut alert: refried beans are eaten ONLY when I fix Mexican food - even tho everyone in our family LUVS refried beans! So we are starting this tonight and I hope that it will be not only getting out of our food rut, but will be a fun way to spend some family time togather.



Amy - while wearing heels

You are a brave culinary woman :). I love the idea of sharing the responsibility of what's for dinner with the family and a roll of the dice. I hope it worked out for you tonight!


Wow!The things you don't know about people:) This is awesome, I had no idea you had a blog!!! I just love knowing you, you are a blessing!!!!

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