Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take a Seat Please

Hello Luvies!

Can u believe it's Friday?!?! It just seems like it has flown by, I'm glad the weekend is upon us, but sorta sad since Hubster will be outta town. But it's a men's retreat at church and it's titled "Bows, Bucks, Bullets & Bible" and that is right but Bubba Hubster's alley, so I'm uber stocked for him. That means Buckeroo and I will be will be spending the weekend with Poppa and Momma Bear, so really it's a win/win situation and most of Momma Bear's family will be there so it'll be even better!

Speaking of a whole week - can y'all believe I posted every-single-day!?!?! Can I get a holla ? Yes, for reals, I want a couple hollas, lol! one of the goals that i didn't right down was trying to do at least 3 posts a week, so I'm estatic about 5. Plus I got a ton, ton, ton of projects completed! even after this post I will still have one more in my arsenal (the best one so far I think since it's got the most blang)!

I bought the chair to my desk from a local lady on our local online yard sales, she's uber sweet, even offered it to me for free since we had so many problems getting togather to complete the transaction. But I said no way since she was pretty much giving it away to me anyways! The only thing that my chair had to have was rollers, casters whatev you wanna call em. i do crafts, bills, paperwork, etc so I wanted ease of in and out, that was the only have to. Well it took me forevs but I did fnally get it. She had to have some alterations but thats absolutely cool, because I wanted to have it match my stuff perfectly. Of course I forgot to take a complete before pix, but you can get the idea. Instead of white it was the 90's yellow oak. I, by that meaning Hubster, spray painted it for me, and I recovered it.

I choose a dark color for the underneath, so that plaid wouldn't show thru. The print pattern is the same one that purchased for the back of my bookshelves since they've been thru THREE moves and holes for the electrical outlets, lol! A staple gun, staples, screwdriver (to pry those wicked staples out from the cord trim before) and needle nose pliers (to pluck said staplees out), now that took some time!

I had to use a small flat head screwdriver to pry the previous staples out.

Then use your supermom strength and needlenose pliers to pull said wicked staples out.

Then i wrapped the brown fabric around the seat, pulled tight and stapled. Shampoo time again, lather, rinse and repeat until you've worked your way around the entire seat. Guess what?!?! You get to do it AGAIN with the printed fabric!! I told you I was really good at repetitive things, hahaha.

And here she is finished:

I haven't decided if I want to add a trim back or not, for right now I'm totally cool with it! here's my breakdownof this project.
Chair:$20 / Kingwood Yard Sales
Brown fabric: $4.29/yard (w/ 40% off coupon); Hobby Lobby (I got a ton left over)
Printed Fabric: $6.99/yard (couldn't use another coupon and I would have wasted more in gas going back later or the next day to use another one. Ahem, not that I would do that, not me lol.)
Spray paint: $6.99/Rust Oleum 2x Coverage/ Lowe's
Total:$39.00 and some change for tax.

Not a total steal, but I'm totally cool with and when you think about how much it would have cost to buy it all done like this, it IS a total steal. I absolutely enjoyed doing this project too!

What do y'all think about it? I hope you like it as much as I do!

In His Luv & Wisdom,



Sure looks cute! Love the fabric!

mONICa and eLAINe @ Decorating Insanity

Love how this chair turned out. Found you over at Chic on a shoestring. Would love it if you shared it at our very first link party

Twice Nice

Cute, cute chair. While I don't love doing chairs, I love seeing them done! Excellent job!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib

Hi Michelle, I am absolutely in love with your makeover. The fabric you chose is sooo cute! And don't you just love it when you score an awesome piece of furniture for good and cheap? It makes your whole day:) I would love it if you could share this with my readers over at my cheap finds and transformations party, it's sure to be a super big hit! Look forward to chatting with you some more, here's the link if you're interested and have a blessed day!


Great transformation-Following you from TDC-stop by for a visit!

Maillardville Manor

OH MY I LOVE IT!!! The green against the white and the cane back is fabulous!!!
I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours!!! Lots of Love


OH MY, you had better hide that chair, cuz I am a comin for it... and now that I know you live in Texas, it will only take me about 23 hours give or take to get there in my car! LOL!!!
I am SO glad You are learning to sew, I learned a few yrs ago myself, and I LOVE it, it gets addicting! OH and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your sweet sweet words AGAIN about my bathroom and corkboard. I still can't believe I can shower in my own house ahhhhhhh....
{hide your chair!}

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