Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monday Musings

Good mornings friends! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! How many of y'all watched the superbowl (is that supposed to be capitalized)? We had it on in the background while we worked on a few projects. We are not a really big football fan house here --i know i know here in Texas that is tantamount to treason - friday night lights? yeah that about sums up our little town and the other little towns that surrond us. Altho I'm thinking we might have to start to be since my kindergartener came home abt 3 months after school started and said "Momma, we have to go to the football games, you know to show Widlcat support, plus when I get bigger I'm gonna play football and that way we already know where the games are!" yeah sums it up right there. We did have my sis stop by and get Cor when she was going to my folks house for their little get togather.  Plus today was the 1 yr anniversary of Jeff's daddy passing away and his daddy's bday. G said he would make his birthday last year before passing and he did, he was born and died on the same day, just 81 yrs later.

On the faith frontier, we are asking for a lot of prayers this week, friends. We are going to our fertility doctor again to start to try to have some more kids (yes, yes people tell me we're crazy cuz i've got a kindergartener and just now going to try and have more). But all joking aside, we've prayed so much and so hard about this, that we are truely following His will. The closer we got to filling out paperwork to start the foster to adopt program the more I felt Him telling me that right now our path is to go thru this again. Why? I have no idea, because I would totally love to adopt at least one child if not more. Jeff (the hubster) is adopted so we are totally open to that path, but for some reason at this moment and time our path is this way. It's not my job to question, it's my job to obey. Last time it took us 5 yrs before we were able see a doctor (insurance reasons) and it took us abt 1.5 yrs with the doctor to get pregnant with Cordell, so total about 6.5 yrs. We are hoping and praying for good news from the doctors, that it won't take so long this go round, that Jehovah Jireh will provide a way to fund this and ABOVE ALL ELSE that His will be done no matter the outcome or news.

My goals this week are pretty lofty, I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure.

1) Finish my dining room turned craft room
2) Get Cor to taekowndo two times
3) Do a load of laundry a day
4) ACTUALLY cook the ALL the meals that I plan out (altho we are doing better it's sandwiches, frozen pizza or something from the freezer but not eating out)
5) Do one of those meals as a freezer batch cooking
6) At least 3 days of Jesus & me time in the morning
7) Do 15 min clean up before bed each night

I didn't tell y'all but last weeks goals was to get boychild's downstairs room done (yes he has an upstairs room and a downstairs room). He is too scared to sleep upstairs by himself ( I don't blame him I wouldn't want to either and he totally interested my anxiety issues), but will play up there during the daytime. So we made our formal living room into a game/bedroom for him. Well ladies and gents we finally after blood, sweat and tears (I warned y'all I was totally Chicken Little Drama Mama) we finally finished it, rough draft style (do NOT tell hubby that I have finishing touches up my sleeve -mour little secret - K?).But seriously, if I didn't do another thing to it I would be ok, I just wanna make him a little reading tent, having matching tubs for his toys for the shelves we installed, stuff like that. But patience and pocketbook gave out to this that we have right now, and I'm good with it for a while. I swear I will get pix posted Tuesday or Wednesday with a breakdown information - I'm proud of it! But here's a sneak peek:

Yes, we have only one *very over induldged* child
but he is a sweetheart so it's all good :D

I don't really have any project that I'm working on this week and to be honest I think with my goals and the doctor I better leave well enough alone. Umm, yeah, ok so scratch that idea. I was in the middle of cleaning my side table by my chair and it fell completely apart. I mean like A, P, A to the R to the T!!! It's midcentury Danish modern and my momma and daddy got it for me for my bday one year and i totally LURVE it. I prolly shouldn't "use" it but I got a rule, if I can't use it I don't get it. I've got to reglue and all that jazz. And believe me I need   must have that side table for my books and magazines or it looks unorganized (insert me here having that moment that one has when a record keeps scratching over and over again.).

What are your goals, projects and thoughts for this week? Is there anything I can pray for you this week?



I am so praying for you and your appointment. There is a song that I absolutely love and my favorite line is, "No matter what this day may bring, I will lift my hands and sing, be my everything" It always brings me back to remembering God is in control and I just need to praise him and not worry about the what ifs, either way.

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