Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Memories and Seeing the Forest

Tonight was a beginning of a new era for me, it is making those memories that my little man will talk about for years to come. Please don't get me wrong, I know that we've been making memories for a long time now, but this is a new cusp, a newness for 'growing up remember them for ever we don't do this very often' memories.

We went to the movies with a friend from school on a weekday night.

Now I know some are thinking "o my word stop the presses and not just for the movies but because this lady is crazy." But for reals I like my schedule, and me and my boy can't stand mornings especially mornings when we don't get to bed until an hour past bedtime. But all that stuff is/was worth it to start this era of memory making. My co-room mom and I have become really good friends and she invited Cor and I to the movies (at a most awesome theater from the 1940's) well the only night we could go was tonight (Tuesday), and she gracially said "Perfect Tuesday @ 7 then!" (see why we became really good friends to begin with). And it was great the kids had an amazing time, although we both figure we will have to spend money to rent it for them to really get to see it, they cut up, laughed and talked about how fun and special it was that they got to go to the movies on a weekday night and stay up late. It made me realize that I don't always have to stick to that schedule so ridgidly. That sometimes we focus on so many things in front of us that we forget to look at what is around us! Will it really matter if he is up late one night out of a gazillion? umm, that a negative. Will it really matter if he (and I) are a little crabbier in the morning than usual? No, (although please do not comment on my hair cuz i'm one of those gals that will sleep 10 mins later rather than do her hair.) Will it matter that I allowed us to have and to make this memory of growing up and becoming a bigger boy with great friends?  Absolutely!

Tonight just really made me see how sometimes I do miss the forest from the trees. It's also made me realize that my baby is growing up and is starting to venture into new territory and I need to make sure that I don't be a "no" mom just because it doesn't fit my schedule (of course within reason). I need to make sure that  we have those special, once in a blue moon, throw everything to the wind and jump in with both feet moments sprinkled within our life so we don't loose the forest.

Thanks Sindy for helping me remember that, and making memories with us! Can't wait for the Disco Night memories Friday!



That sounds so fun, and memories made are totally worth a little extra work!


Oh my goodness! You made my day with your sweet little notes about my transformations!!! That was seriously so sweet of you to stop by!!! I love meeting new blog friends!
p.s. we did fertility treatments 2 yrs ago for about 7 months and NOTHING worked... so I can relate to you a little in that aspect.
Anyway stop by again soon!

Heather McMullin

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