Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monday Musings - Faith Edition

Good Morning (or maybe just Morning depending on how you are as a morning person)!  The hubster is a complete morning person, me - ummm yeah not so much (which is why I write mostly the night before or during my lunch hour)!

I know that I said I would talk about different takes and thoughts on devotionals that I've been reading but first I have to ask y'all a favor. A friend from church, Cecily, a young momma and wife found out a couple months ago she has breast cancer, she is now going through chemotherapy and radiation. She has the most amazing outlook ever ever EVA of anyone I've known to face a hard, life-altering diagnosis, just read her blog and you will understand what I'm talking about She just lost her daddy unexpectedly, y'all please pray for her and her family. I can't imagine going through all of these trials and you know what she has NEVER lost faith in our God! She is such an inspiration and I hope she knows how much she is! I just want to completely cover her and her family in prayers during this hard and difficult time. I would like to ask y'all to contiue to pray for Cecily for complete healing. Our God is an awesome and mighty God! He can do anything.

Our church's motto is 'We're about LIFE', L for love God passionately, I for imitate His character, F for follow where He leads, E for engage in His missions: you can learn more about us here: This year we're in the Engaging aspect, our Missions kick-off was this Sunday. As a church body this year we are ready The Unexpected Adventure by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg. An excert from the book pretty much sums it up, 'Taking everyday risks to talk to people about Jesus'. How our everyday lives can be a mission for Him and His Kingdom, how we can Engage with others, either here in our backyard or across the world. My whole thought process (watch out ladies and gents soemtimes I think myself into circles) is that whatever, whereever, how ever we are called to be missionaries of His word, we must follow the Holy Spirit and do as He commands. It can be a little as being there for someone that needs a shoulder to cry upon, that plants a little seed in their thoughts that makes them want to find out more about why you are you. What is in your life that makes you different than anyone else. Other times it is that missionary trip 1/2 around the world where people have never even heard of Our Father and His wonderful redeeming love. Sometimes God lays it in our heart as clear as the day is long, other times not so much. That's where we have to be in tune with Him, we have to have time with Him. we have to listen for and to Him. My problem is sometimes I'm too busy to hear Him or I don't want to hear Him (I'm keeping it real peeps!). I feel if I have one more thing on my plate I'll go crazy (and seriously I'm totally Chicken Little D-R-A-M-A!) but when I don't I know that I'm not living the way He's envisioned for me. So iI've learned to get up before my son does so I can have "Jesus time". This is some testimony right here folks - I'm so night owl I'm like that owl on the tootsie roll commercial cuz his eyes are always saucer size open, and I do not like mornings. But my whole day goes so much smoother when He and I share time everyday, and for that I will be a morning person all unto myself.

My question for you is how do you engage? What has He laid upon your heart that you are following to be a missionary for the gospel? How do you step out in that faith to bring other to faith? i would love to hear about it, stories, ideas, memories, expriences, everything!

In His Love and Grace,



Very thought provoking! I get the opportunity to help out in the high school group at the church we attend. My husband and I are praying about how to serve our neighborhood. We feel called here and the Lord clearly led us to this specific house. I am just trying to be kind and get to know neighbors and parents at the bus stop. Our kids are a great ice breaker and have allowed us opportunity to get to meet new people and show them Jesus the best we can.

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