Friday, January 27, 2012

Aaarreee yyooouuu ready to RRUUMMBBLLLEEE!?!?!?! Friday Free For All

Hello Luvies!! Today is the greatest day (sung to tune of My Chemical Romance's Today is the Greatest Day of My Life) cuz it's a weekday day and weekend night as Buckeroo calls Fridays. One day he was asking if it was the weekend or weekday on the way to school, and I was explaining how while it was a weekend we still have to go to school and work during the day, but we can stay up late because we can sleep in the next morning. And in all his enlightened 6 yo Kindergarten self he said, "OOOHHHH i get it! It's like a weekday day and a weekend night!"

Well, I've decided that for this free for all friday post over @ that I would do my most favorite find for week. Next week I will probably do the same only with with a Christmas theme (cuz I'm just that slow!). Well here she is:

HA! look at my computer screen I was taking another picture because I didn't like the one that was on the screen, lol! yes, this is a glimpse into my brain and how it works everyday. Now you say, "Michelle, How am I supposed to read what that says?!" uummmm, well I didn't have the best camera (one of those new years things on my list #791 Learn to actually use my Koddak Easyshare big camera not a click and shoot which i totally and completely miss). Here's another view and a description  of them.

It says Children the first one has a heart and it says joy to the heart, the middle one is a sunflower and it says sunshine to the soul, and the last one has a music sign that says laughter to the spirit. I IMMEDIATELY threw  gently and ever so carefully place it in the basket at the GW. This baby was $4.99 truely the best $4.99 I've spent there in a long time. She proudly displays all her beautiful glory on my desk at the office, but I really think she will make her debut in my newly dining-room-turned-craft-room (umm when i actually finish it). Here's one last parting shot in an attempt to let you see it even better (altho the more and more I look at these pictures the more I am determined to follow through with resolution #791).

What about y'all? What has been your best find lately? I have no idea how to do a linky party (i'm still trying to figure how how to get the linky button from 5days 5ways to be a button and not alot of letters and commands that look foreign to me - i totally know that it is me, myself and I's non-techy self doing something wrong) so list it in the comments!



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