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Getting to Know You Part Duex "Hopes & Dreams"

Over at one of the most fabulous blogs she is having a great little linky party on Thursday called "Getting To Know You" this is Part Duex (I'm ashamed to say that I was just too LA-ZAY to  do part 1) this one focuses on our Hopes and Dreams.  Here's the linky button and my 411 on myself!

five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday

1) To be a world traveler. for reals! i know that it is so cliche, but the few times I've traveled outside the US it was amazing! I've been to Toronto and Niagra falls in Canada and Puerto Rico (we are so going back and showing these wonderful places to our son), they were all places i could absolutely pick up and move to and live (if it werent for that whole i would die from missing my family so much thing). My top 5 places would be: 1)egypt 2)Greece 3)Ireland 4)Japan 5)England but for serious the list is endless.

2) To have alot of kids. This is a little personal and a very sore wound that i don't really speak about alot. But its hard for me to have kids, we tried for 6 yrs before we were blessed with my little miracle man. I've always wanted to be a wife and mom, nothing other than that, most people balk at that but to me that is the most amazing and hardest job EVA! In this world most things are based on how much you can accumulate, wether titles or materials, so when people ask what you want to be (yes this was a couple ok fine a couple of handful of years ago) and you say a momma and wife. they always look at you like "what? i mean what do you want to do with your life?" umm, seriously i just told you what more higher, wonderful, perplexing job could one have? I have recently come to the conclusion that while we may not be able to have lots of natural (or adopted) children we can absolutely influence and nurish many lives and really isn't that what it all comes down to anyways?

3) I want to have a smorgesborg of a store that houses all my ideas and collections and products that I sell and make a living at. This is little shop would include antiques, jewelry, books, and clothe goods made by these hands. In that respect I want to learn how to sew - like B-A-D!! so much so that I asked for and received a sewing machine for Christmas one year and I didn't (and still don't) know how to make a stitch. i have all these fantabulous (yes it IS a word even if only in my world and brain - just ask my friends!) ideas swirling around in my head - clothes, burp clothes, bags, etc. I'm starting this one this year, a sweet lady that I met at church is so willing to take her time away from herself and her family to teach me! I mean seriously we dont each other that well (which i hope totally changes), and she didn't hesitate ONE IOTA OF A SECOND when i asked if she gave lessons and would she teach me! She never even wavored when I told her that I work in the daytime, she immediately said, "we can do evenings or weekends." seriously? how blessed can a girl be?

4) I wanted to be a professional singer. I never had the self esteem to follow through with it,but I've been thinking about taking up voice lessons just for myself. Noone else but my own love and joy of it, i will of course share it with my biggest fans, the hubs, free bird (my stepson that always told me Momma you should be on american idol when he was young and still lived at home and we would watch it togather) and little miracle man. They are the ones that have always said I should do something with my talent. I know that most people would say to share the talent God has given me but I'm totally not there with the confidence who knows one day i might. but the other fabulous blogger here: her #5 got me to thinking about taking voice lessons and fulfulling that dream for me just little bitty ole me. I haven't decided for definite, but I'm at the looking at prices and calling people to see if they take adults phase.

5) Just like abbie i want to be a writer. i'm an infomercial junkie and bought a small printing press. for serious! i figure it i can't get soomeone to publish me i can publish myself, haha and yes i'm being absolutely 110% serious (i just interject alot of humor at myself) i inherited my momma's fabulous imagination and cor always wants me to tell him bedtime stories and i make them up and he luvs them - he even starts talking about them and interjecting (i swear interject is NOT my word of the day) in the plot. but really my main passion is about "The little wren with a broken wing" hint: its not a wren and she always tries to hide her "brokeness" wether caused by others or just in my her own mind at her "short comings". And the path of her learning that while she might have issues, those issues helped her learn to fly with a once broken wing. and PROUDLY show that "mangled wing."

well now that i bared my soul (yes i know overly dramatic) but for me it is baring it all, lol! i'm gonna hit publish before i change my mind!



Glad you published this, I loved reading your list!

Lydia Lyn

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