Saturday, January 28, 2012

Syllabus for Glitter (I don't think we are in school anymore Toto)

hello my sweet friends!

I've decided that Mondays are going to reflect a mirade of things. There will be my thoughts on devotionals. My lofty goals (or maybe I should aim low like really low) then when I get more done I will have tricked myself into feeling awesome blossom about what all "extra" I got done! See I told y'all I could always find the silver lining to ev-er-re-thang (self created or not ;o)! Lastly a sneak peek at what I did get done that weekend (reveals I'm thinking might be Wednesdays). Of course all this is subject to change in prolly oh, 14.7 seconds, cuz ladies and gents that is how I roll.

My thoughts on devotionals will be a collaboration of my personal devotionals I do each morning, a class I attend on Wednesday nights called Mom 2 Mom, my Sunday School class and church, and anything else might cross my eyeballs that makes me reflect on Jesus Christ and His wonderful redeeming forgiving love.

My goals are just that a list of things, ideas, etc that I want to accomplish that week. I've found if I write them down and make a plan of how to reach those goals I get there so much easier, faster and the journey is just down right more enjoyable. One thing I told myself this year around the first when we make all those wonderful resolutions and plans and try to completely change ourselves and our habits, was that I would NOT be a bully to myself about them! I'm serious y'all think about how hard we are on ourselves about things we should be doing, getting done or already have done! Then the whole plan falls apart because we've put so much pressure on ourselves that it's seriously just too much and too hard. That being said, I'm being more strict about sticking too the things I want to do, not just fluffing them off because I want to spend more time watching tv or on the computer.

My sneak peek will consist of a picture or two, with a little teaser ( i gotta have you guys coming back right and invite your friends for the trip)!!

Hope to see y'all on Monday bright eyed and bushey tailed (ok I might be the only one who doesn't brush her hair first thing in the morning - coffee then computer - please say it isn't so!).


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