Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are you for REALS?!?!

Thursdays are the B-O-M-B! why you ask? because I get to link up to the fabulous Abbie over at She's been doing a little linky party on Thursday (and other days too you must check her out and link up!) about getting to know one another. It's really nice to learn some insight to people that we read on a normal basis, but it seems like we get a little more "below the surface" stuff with this little likey (of mine, i'm gonna let it shine!! sorry i do tangents really well). I hope I don't bore you with my "little know unique facts O' Me". On with the show (I told y'all last week I always wanted to be a famous singer/actress)

1) I am extremely shy, but most people yank their head back (like they saw a two headed dragon) when I say this because I act like I never meet a stranger. FOR REALS! Before I talk to people (even just a quick hello) I go through a whole scenerio so I have an answer or reply for anything that they might think of. I just push it deep down and be "a bull in a china cabinet" and plow through any weirdness or awkwardness. I think some of this is what causes my anxiety to be so bad, if two things exist in the universe than those two things might combine and cause some sort of cataclismic disaster. (Yes I know just nod your head yes it makes NO sense).

2) My husband is the only man I ever dated. No we weren't high school sweethearts not even CLOSE, he is 9.3 years older than me. We meet when I was 20 and he was 29, we married 9 months later on September 13th. (Yes I have that bad of anxiety but I'm not superstitious! so the whole Friday the 13th thing never bugged me). We been married for 14.4 yrs now, with one amazing young 6.5 yr old buckeroo. Hopefully more if God sees fit, if not I'm learning to be ok with it. I'm more in love with my husband today than I was when we first married. I know alot of people say that but truely this man has gotten me through so many dark periods that noone knows about that I cannot imagine my life without him. This Christmas he went out and shopped until he found the Eli Young Band CD so that I could know that his song for me was "Crazy Girl". I'm STILL just as giddy about him as the day we married.

3) I have such a Texas twang and drawl that most people ask where I'm from while I'm STILL in Texas. For reals, I remember the first time we were in Corpus Christi and the waitress asked where we were from. I was a little confused as I wasn't sure what she was talking about so I said, "A little town oustide of Houston," thinking that I must be misinterpreting what she was asking. She replied with 'Houston, Houston? Like Houston, Texas?' I just smiled and said "um, yes....". She thought we were from the OLD deep south like Mississippi or Alabama with my country drawl. It happens alot, I asked my family if it's really that bad. They chuckle and say "Yep!".

4) Along with that Texas drawl I can immitate almost any accent. One year we all went to Disney World as a big family, my folks, my sis and her crew, me and my crew and our mutually "adopted sis". Well the youngest in our crew was too young for quite a few rides and I get motion sick easily so I opted to sit out with him. He was mad (as most young bubbas would be) and I started talking in my different accents (British, Australian, etc) to cheer him up. My mom was dumbfounded as to how I could do this (I was 26 *I think* at the time and that she didn't know) She told me I was making all the other people feel at home,lol. My son cannot stand when I do this though! He whines until I stop, he says it doesn't sound like my momma and I don't like it! So I don't do it much anymore. Although I think he will have this gift because he has a unique accent when he says momma, my cousin said he sounds almost Italian, it sounds like "Mamia" (with a short a vowel sound at the end).

5) I never, ever EVA stay by myself. Yes my hubby has to take business trips and church trips with the youth. But I just pack me and little man up and stay with my momma and daddy two houses down from us. I've tried to stay by myself once and got MAYBE 2 hrs of sleep and told myself it was ridiculous because we all love it when we come down and spend the night. Cor won't stay with them overnight (with noone really) yet, so he likes that he still gets to sleep at papa and gma's house with momma. I like it because, well it's just nice to have that young kid feeling again (minus the missing hubby really bad part). My parents enjoy it because they got both of us there (although they don't understand why sometimes we don't come down when Jeff is home so they can enjoy his company over night also, lol). i think this stems from never living on my own before. I went from living with my parents, to living with Jeff after we got married. I never had that time between that I lived by myself. And to be frank - I don't think I missed anything.

So there you go 5 weird unique quirks about me. I hope I didn't bore (or scare) anyone and I hope you'll follow along with my blog (or leave me a comment) so I can check yours out I found two awesome blogs this way so far! I love to learn about new people! I'm hoping that I can link up to Abbie's Friday Free for All, when I say this I say it like the guy used to say "Arreeee you ready to RRUUMMMBBBLLLEEEE!!!???!" LOL, yes sometimes my brain is a scary and disorienting place to be! Haha.


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That was quite entertaining! Is it weird I started reading with a southern twang as soon as you mentioned you had one?!

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