Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Menu & An Appetizer & An Update

Good morning friends, I hope everyone had a great weekend. And yay if you Prezzy's day off! Man child is off from school and Poppa and Momma decided to make a family day and take off work. I felt like this:
Yes I've been needing a break from work.

What did you do this weekend? Did you accomplish any of the projects that yoou wanted to? Or did you have a restful easy weekend?

Ours was a restful but very productive. I got two upholstery jobs done, just tufting left on one but I wanna get some blang blang buttons (hello look at the name of the blog i gotta have it!). One bookcase fabric backed, and one lampside 3/4 ways done (I ran out of glue sticks for the trim). Come back on Friday for the BIG HUGE furniture reveals (all THREE of them) when I link up over at
five days five ways | feature friday free for all
for her Furniture Friday

Let's just say that it included psray adhesive that is still attached to my fingers, burnt fingertips from a hot glue gun, 2 slices on my hand from a razor, and lots of sweat (no worries I ain't in any of the pix, lol)!

Already on to my post for today.

My menu for this week:

Monday - Speghetti, bread and salad (I'm thinking of trying speghetti squash - anyone tried it as noodles - let me know what you think. Hubby has diabetes and trying to think of healthier ways for noodles).
Tuesday - Lemon pepper chicken, broccoli and beans.I want to try to freezer cook chicken BUT it always comes out dry after defrosting if you got some tips I would absolutely appreciate them.
Wednesday - Pizza and salad (church night so it's always simple!)
Thursday - Beans and Meat and corn.
Friday - Shake N Bake pork chops, carrots & oven roasted garlic potatoes.

My updates on my goals & this weeks plan:

1) Craft room - all the furniture redo's are for the craft room so some progress. Finish the bookshelf and load 'er up.
2) Taekowndo - ummm....nope! Hubster said he would take Buckeroo so that I could work on my stuff and he would get one on one time with Buckeroo. Thruth be told I don't mind him missing so much as it gives us more family time, but I want him to be able to decide later if he wants to continue or not. Not just stop because he never went and therefore didn't learn much, ya know?
3) A load of laundry a day - keeping it real folks, I fell off the bandwagon this week on this one. Getting back in the saddle again tomorrow!
4) Menu cooking and freezer batching - No and no.I got it all planned out, we'll see but again NOT eatting out like before.
5) Meeting with Jesus at least 3x's a week - yes, and  we have added at night too as a family. We are reading Jesus Calling ( I highly recommend it) the night before for the next day and talk about it. Going to add in what Cor is learning in Sunday School throughout the week too.
6) 15 min nightly clean up - YES! and a praise to go with it, before little man would just lay his stuff down anywhere and walk right past trash, now he puts stuff up right when/where he is supposed to and whenever he walks past something that needs to be picked up (trash, dirty cup, etc) he will take it to the right spot!Praise Jesus! We've prayed about this, I know some say thats trivial, but "in all things seek God" and that's what I do, and He answers ALL big or small doesn't matter to Him. Just continue to build on this.

What about you guys? What are your menu plans? I'd luv to see some furniture turnabouts, etc. I hope y'all come back ya hear??

Tuesday is gonna be recipes and some great finds last week.
Wednesday is WIWW link up.
Thursday uummm....I'll get back with ya on that ;D
Friday the HUGE furniture reveal!

In His  Luv & Wisdom,


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