Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Menu Moonnddaayyyyy

Hi Luvies!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the last couple posts, I know that I completely enjoyed doing them and then telling about them.

This week is a bit different since Bubba Hubster is gone this week to Duncan, OK for W World Changers. His calling is to work with the teenagers (well technically 6th - 12th grade)with our church. So every year they go for a week in the summer to sacrifice and serve to help people out and possibly and hopefully be drawn closer to God and bring people to God.

Anyways, I've got total irrational fears of staying by myself at night, so Buckaroo and I have a week long slumber party with my folks. So this week the menu might be a bit off, but I'm gonna try and keep some sort of semblence (not sure if that's a word or how you say it but in our parts we do ~ haha!)of our normal menu as Buckaroo and I are creatures of habit and we crave that.

MONDAY - fried porkchops, fried zuchinni, greens beans, fruit
TUESDAY - tacos, avocadoes, rice, carrot cake
WEDNESDAY - steaks with the family (my BIL is being deployed to Afghanistan and we are having a family dinner before he leaves), baked potatoes
THURSDAY - spegahtti, bread, salad
FRIDAY - pizza night
SATURDAY - hamburger helper, green beans
SUNDAY - roasted chicken and potatoes, corn

again sorry guys i still can't figure out how to turn the pix!

Hope everyone has a great start to the week! Don't forget to check out the great scrapbook giveaway - it ends 10pm TUESDAY!



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