Sunday, June 24, 2012

When u sorta expect things to happen and then they do.....

Hey friends!

This has been a crazy, busy, great and BLESSED weekend. Bubba Hubster dinally got a chance to start working on my hall closet, we are changing it from a normal hall closet to almost like a linen closet. I WANT shelves, lol! So i get in there and paint it a magnificant aqua/blue, and then we get a phone call. My neice is in labor, her water is leaking and they are inducing her!! Her doc told her he didn't think she would last to her July 5th due date and had told her that he would induce her June 29th (i imagine he didn't want to be called in on the july 4th w/e and she didn't wanna be stuck in the hospital over that w/e either). Anywho, I really figured she would stay tucked inside mommy until she was induced on the 29th but she decided she was ready to meet her family. So all i got done was the painting and Bubba Hubster got a few ledger supports cut and the living room looks like board games threw up everywhere. We didn't get to bed until 3 am today, and yes i AM that mom that allows her kid to stay up to be present at the birth of his first 2nd cousin (altho we only make that differential just because its cool!) We thot the hospital was gonna be all full on rule sticklers in the butt but the sweet nurse wheeled her down the hall to the NICU (she was totally healthy and fine but they didn't have a regular nursery nurse since sweet lexi was the only baby born that night and they did all the stuff in there). I could have kissed that sweet lady! he'd already had several breakdowns because he wasn't going to get to see "his Lexi" and let me tell you the look on his face was completely worth me bugging the tar out of the nurses and all 1, 247 hours of whining i heard (and yes i'm completely over exaggerating because that is how it felt to me).

So here is the little miss that couldn't wait to meet us and the reason I didn't finish my hall closet (and yes, she is totally worth that!).

She was about 14 hrs old here. She makes the sweetest noises ever and a ton of them!
we were so lucky to have a sweet nurse that let cor see her before she went to get the vitals and all

completely enamored with her
waiting patiently last night (she was born at 12:30 am and we didn't get home until around 2:30 - so proud of him!)

I said i think both my boys are completely enamored by another girl and my heart couldn't be happier!

Cor told me "Momma sing a lullaby to her like you do me."
and here are the proud momma and poppa! (yes she had JUST given birth and look how good she looks!)

So there are some pix of late last night and today! Hopefully I will have pix of the finished product of the closet by midweek. I hope everyone has a wonderfully great blessed week!.



Amy - while wearing heels

What a precious little girl. It looks like she was welcomed into a very loving family. I'd have to agree, she was definitely worth not finishing your hall closet for :)

Danielle Wagasky

So beautiful!

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