Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Helpful Sumpin....

Hey Hey Hey Everyone!!

Sorry for the gap between posting, but things have been crazy good around here! My family in laws came in for a quick visit, then the 4th and the festivities, a spur of the moment weekend trip (that was amazing, crazy and fun!).

The other day we went to Sam's and picked up our usual stuff, this time it included two industrial size containers of vinegar. Why? you as. Well I found out that vinegar is a natural fabric softner, thanks to Ms. Ashli over at Mini Manor Blog you MUST go and check out her amazing blog. I just luv to stalk read her posts. So between that and ALL the cucumbers produced by my garden I figured I needed them, lol! Bubba Hubster was a lil worried about our clothes smelling vinegary, but nope nothing, he's a converted believer!

Well, after we got home I was putting away our Sam's haul and saw all these awesome tips on the back of the box of vinegar. I thot alot of them were pretty awesome and thot y'all might like to know about them too. So here goes!

1) Glassware-1/2C of distilled vinegar added to a gallon of rinse water will remove soap film from glassware and make it shine.

2) Toilet Bowl - Clean and deodarize your toilet bowl by pouring undiluted white distilled vinegar into it. Let it stand for about five mins then flush. Stubborn stains may require scrubbing.

3) Bathtub - Wipe down bathtub with vinegar and soda to remove film buildup. Rinse clean with water.

4) Ants - Ant invasions can be deterred by washing countertops, cabinets and floors with distilled vinegar.

5) Grease - Filmy dirt and greasy residue can be removed from stove and refrigerator by wiping with vinegar.

6) Grass or Weeds - Kill unwanted grass on sidewalks and driveways by pouring on vinegar.

7) Chrome - To polish chrome an stainless stelel, moisten a cloth with white vinegar and wipe clean.

8) Shower Curtain - Rub a cloth dampened with vinegar to remove soapy, steamed in film and mildew fom your plastic shower curtain. Then rinse clean.

9) Coffee Maker - To remove stale coffee residue (or your machine has quit pumping water) , fill the reservoir with vinegar and run it through a brewing cycle. When cycle is finished, run two cycles of water to rinse.

10) Irons - Remove burn stains from your electric iron by mixing one part salt with one part vinegar in a heated small aluminum pan. Use this mix to polish the iron as you would silver.

11) Vegetables - Liven up slightly wilted vegetables by soaking them in cool water and vinegar,.

12) Flowers - Add 2T of vinegar plus 3T of sugar to a quart of warm water (100F) to keep fresh cut flowers blooming longer.

13) Cabbage - Add vinegar to the cooking water of boiling cabbage to prevent the odor from permeating the house.

14) Meat - A marinade of 1/2C of your favorite vinegar and 1C of liquid bouillon makes an effective meat tenderizer.

15) Rice - 1t of vinegar added to the water of boiling rice makes it white and fluffy.

16) Fish - Reduce fishy odors by rubbing fish down with white distilled vinegar before scaling it.

17) Cheese - Keep cheese moist and fresh by wrapping it in a cloth that has been dampened with vinegar and sealed in an air-tight wrap or container.

18) Eggs - To produce better-formed egg whites, add a tsp. of vinegar to the water.

19) Onion Odors - Quickly remove the odor of onions from your hands by rubbing them with distilled vinegar.

20) Pickling - Cider, Red Wine, Balsamic and other dark vinegars are good for pickling, but may discolor lighter colored pickles such as pears, onions or cauliflowers. In this case, a distilled or white vinegar may be preferred.

I hope this was as informational for you as it was me. I'm totally using the onion odor smell I can't stand the smell I have on my hands for days after cutting up onions for sautes.



Amy - while wearing heels

Who knew vinegar could be so versatile :)

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

We use vinegar for almost everything, although I think you had a few new ideas in there!


Wow, you just added to my list of ways I want to try vinegar. For some reason I am scared to try something new... or maybe it's just the effort of trying something new. :) Thanks for your kind words always!!

Miss Tweedle

These are great tips on vinegar! Miss Tweedle will have to try some of them out sometime! Thanks for visiting my blog, too :)

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