Saturday, July 28, 2012

how about some pix with a lil bit of post.....

Hey Everyone,

I'm so far behind on posting the rest of our vacation pix so I'm just going to give a ton of pix with a little bit of  a post.

Hope everyone likes it!

We ran into some our closest friends the last night it was so much fun

Cor and brooke friends forever

daddy and cor getting ready to go jet sking

daddy, cor and ,momma at the famous LaKings confectionary having milkshakes all around

They were both excited going out to jet ski
Puppy dog kisses are still popular around here

 my sister and youngest neice - can u tell puppy kisses are a family tradition?
Can u tell someone was so excited to have his gma and papa (my momma and daddy)
all to himself?

katie (my youngest neice) and cor playing in the water.

we had such an amazing time with our family - it's one of the really great perks to having a family business. we were all able to get away and have a little family getaway with EVERYONE except my bro-in-law. he was recently recalled to active duty in the Navy. So if you could please spare some prayers for my sister and her kids i would really appreciate it. God is so good my bil was able to come back a week early and was able to be here for his first grandbaby's birth. he will miss his youngest daughters senior year and graduation and his sons 8th grade year and all that goes with it.  So pray for his safety and the strength for his family.

Much Luvs!!


Cristina Garay

Hey Michelle, great post! well at least for me! You know I'm also on vacation with no much time to read! It's nice to see pics of your family having such a great time! My prayers go for your brother-in-law! xoxoCristina


You all look like you are having a blast! I am so proud of your accomplishments! Even if everyday isn't perfect, you are working at it! Thank you for your constant encouragement!

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