Monday, July 23, 2012

needing a lil bit o help....

Hey Friends!

If you are like me and your momma and daddy only let you have "good for you" candy, then you know the title is a lil ole spin on Bit o Honey. We were allowed those and Mary Janes, you know the orange and black wrapped peanut buttery candies you can only get at Halloween. No worries I wasn't deprived.

Anywho, back to my post title, it's some stuff that has been swimming around in my head (altho sometimes it all gets going so fast I often feel like it's a toilet flushing)! I don't blog alot about health, fitness, exercise, eating right, etc because well I don't do that stuff, BUT it's been on my mind alot. like Alot lot. I'm an all or nothing gal and that is great sometimes but I find it also bites me on my posterior a bit too. I'm so full of gusto that I expend alot of my energy and excitement right up front and then fizzle, almost like Rice Krispies ~ snap, crackle but no pop.

So I've decided that I'm not going to try and run a marathon while sprinting (like I would know what that is but you must admit it's a great analogy). I'm going to pace myself, purposely make myself stop and slow down, hopefully this will lead to a more life long lesson. Let me tell you, if it can be done to try and loose weight I've done it. From Phen-Phen to gastric bypass (yes I did have it done Rouxen-Y April 2002) to thinking (and applying for a medical cost credit card) to piggy back stomach surgeries (the stomach banding). I made myself stop and slow down, and I realized finally admitted that the only thing that would be permanent is a lifestyle change (I mean hello?! - I had gastric bypass surgery done, lost 130 lbs, only to gain it and more back).

So back to my plan, pacing myself. I've decided that I'm going to start with breakfast, I'm going to fix us breakfasts in the morning. We are NOT breakfast people, even when I stop and get us McD's (often) we both normally do not eat it until around lunch time. I already cook pretty somewhat healthy for dinners, I must learn how to make baked zuchini fries instead of actually frying them. So that leaves breakfasts and lunches. My lil guy loves eggs so much so I have to limit him on how many he can eat in a week (all the cholestoral and stuff like that), so I was thinking a scrambled egg and toast with cream cheese. Something along those lines, any input or suggestions would be great!

On Pinterest I found a great site for 20 different light and healthy lunch wraps, so I'm going to try those this week also. Here in Haiti Texas, the cool light refreshing wraps will taste so good with how freaking hot it is. Water is no problem, I love water and iced tea, sodas - no thank you!

No exercise - oh Lord Jesus please help me - I'm truely pleading for His help as I know my limits and I can't do it without Him and His help! I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and my family was worried about my swelling (sometimes I have stubs and no feet or they would feel better if they just split open to relieve some pressure). Like I told my doctor, I'm fat and sedidary and it's hot as haiti right now. She agreed, and when I mean sedidary I mean sedidary. I work at a desk all day, come home, cook dinner, clean up, night time/bed routines and then down in the chair for TV or computer time. Side funny - Sunday we declared family day, and we were talking about what we were going to do and my lil guy said, "Daddy and me are gonna work in the the upstairs mancave and you, well you can play on the computer, your most favorite thing to do." UMM, maybe Bubba Hubster was right I spend too much time on the computer, but in my defense I do computer work all day! So back to exercise, my goal is to walk our office hallways at least 20 times per day. It's not a super big office hallway but its something like 167 steps (my daddy's power walking steps so probably 250 of my 5'0" stubby legs steps) end to end. So I'm going to try my best to do this for one week ( I know it takes almost three weeks to make a habit but I must remember I'm pacing myself). Next Tuesday I'm gonna post a recap "bit o help take 1", I'm going to push for this to be a weekly recap, but I don't want to promise and then not come through.

If anyone would like to join me please comment and maybe we can be one anothers support and accountability partner. Here are some of the people that I want to be a great example to and want as much time here on earth with as I can have (plus they are so CA-UTE pix!!).

Yes, my kid is *rockstar* and no I'm not too proud to say it.

This man has been my rock for almost 16 yrs (we celebrate our 15 anniversary this year), and I wanna grow old with him.

Much Luvs!


Amy - while wearing heels

Good for your Michelle. I will be sending you happy thoughts this week as you slow down and begin your journey. You can do it. You have an impressive blog, one you are already mapping out your process in, I am sure you'll feel the accountability to update all of us cheering you on. *I can now see why your little boy is so adorable, you and your husband are one great looking couple. Happy 15 years this year!!!


Praying for you and joining in! I have NEVER been able to stick to exercising and challenging my body for longer than a month or two. I decided to change that now and stop just talking and actually try things. Tomorrow I am going to my friends zumba class and am so nervous. I think I will finish these thoughts in a post, or this comment will be a book!


I just wrote something up on my blog... :)

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