Saturday, July 21, 2012

a little stickiness is sometimes a good thing....

Hello friends!

I'm still trying to download my pix from the rest of our little business vacation, but thought I would give y'all a lil ole post while i'm waiting.

I ordered some vinyl artwork from Ms.Danielle over at Blissful & Domestic (she has an amazing blog that you should check out - she's one of my daily visits), and she worked up my custom order and did a wonderful job!

It's been hotter than Haiti here so I was wwwaaayyyy lazy and didn't touch it for a week, then we went on a little vacation. Then this morning I decided I would tackle it (after an afternoon trip to Hobby Lobby).

I got a Welcome decal for my true front door, we have three front doors and most the time people come to the kitchen door which is the first door you come to on the house. And our address is on one street while our driveway is on the the cross street (we have a corner lot). I wanted a way for people's eye to go to the house then travel to the driveway, plus I wanted people to come to the "real" front door (so they can't see my dirty dishes :D) not the real reason. I just want to use my front door for other than false alarm calls, LOL!

Here's what the front door looked like before the decal, I did take a picture with the chair and all but I couldn't figure out how to rotate that picture.

First, pick your spot and then you need to clean the door so that the vinyl adheres correctly and permanently, I think it's time for the yearly power cleaning of the house, YUCK!

Second, position it exactly how you want, and smooth it over (Danielle over at Blissful & Domestic recommends a squeege and I second it) but being that I was in the middle of this and didn't want to stop was too lazy to go and get one I used a plastic spatula. Oh yes, I live in the country and am pure redneck, in a total cool and good way. Then pull back the clear adhesive, I did mine at an angle and it seemed alot easier.

Here is the finished product (I totally stink at picture staging sorry for the junk in the picture). I completely LOVE how it turned out. That little eagle above the door Bubba Hubster made in shop class during his high school years, another thing I totally *heart*!

Next up is the laundry vinyl decal I purchased, same process as the door. This was the side of my laundry cabinet.

And Ta-Da!! Don't you just LUV the tongue in check notion of it?! I do so luv it! This is the one where the squeege would have come in sssoooo handy! I absolutely LUV this font and cut out, but with out the squeege to really get the letters to stick it was very slow going, but that was my fault for not following the directions. I wish I had placed it a little lower so I could add some other charts and reminders for Lil Buckeroo, but there is no moving this some of them have three different letter parts. This is a little sneak peek of the direction I want to go in with the laundry room, I love this green!

I hope you all like it as much as I love it!

Let me know what you think, and remember to check out Ms.Danielle over at Blissful & Domestic , she's an awesome homeschooling momma of two who is a rockstar at vinyl decals AND they don't cost hardly anything!

Much Luv!!


Danielle Wagasky

You so stinkin nice! I love the way they turned out. I was so nervous and excited for you to get them. I am so glad. You were my first official order, since opening my shop. Hopefully many more to come:> Thanks for the shout out. You rock lady!

Steve Finnell

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