Tuesday, July 31, 2012

lil bit of help 2.0 & Operation B-Day 7.0.....

hey all,

well it's been a week and i have to say if i were to be taking a test I would fail with about 65%. BUT to me since I was getting a 0% I say 65% is a vast improvement.

Hubster and I have been having so much on our minds lately that truthfully thats the last thing i'm worrying about. No worries things are all good, just the foster care stuff and all that, and making sure it's the path that we want and are supposed to be on. but we've agreed we are just going to take a break from it all until after our adults only weekend trip mid september. Our 15th anniversary is September 13, and we are going to have a little luxurious staycation in Houston (about 30 mins from where we live). We are gonna stay at a luxurios hotel with 400 ct thread sheets (heaven in my book) and have a couples massage, and dinner at spindletop (like the space needle).

We have Buckeroo's bday this month, so Operation Birthday 7.0 has commenced with a Monster Jam theme. And y'all i do UP bday parties - my momma always tells me I go over the top with his parties and every year I give her the same answer. Here's our convo every year:

MOMMA: Shell, you really go over the top with his party.
ME: I know, but he's only going to have his 6th bday party once in a lifetime.
MOMMA: you know you say that every year.
ME: yep, cause he only has his 4th bday once a lifetime, his 5th bday once in a lifetime, etc
MOMMA: you are one of a kind - and a great momma.
ME: well i had a great role model ;D

I have always made all his birthday cakes and this year will be no different. Altho I'm not sure which one i will do.

This one:

Or this one:
Or this one:

Cor is wavering between #1 and #2. I was thinking of doing cupcakes with the mini speedsters as the cupcake topping and use those for party favors. But with cakes this big I think we are gonna do one cake and have the 1:24 scale monster trucks as party favors with a tag that says "Thanks for making my birthday a SMASHING success!" I'm prolly going to buy the invites from Ebay the ones that look like tickets to Monster Jam. I'll make the fill in the blank thank you cards myself.

We're having it at our local Incrediable Pizza Company, and he wants to play lazer tag. I know one would think we would have like an army theme with the lazer tag but he's as eclectic in his choices as momma is in her decorating tastes! LOL! I totally *heart* that my boy dances to his own drummer and HE is his drummer.

Anyone have any cute ideas to add to the mix?

Much Luvs!


Amy - while wearing heels

Wow. Never a dull moment in your life, huh? Happy soon to be 15th anniversary to you and your husband!!! And, how much fun, distracting yourself with plans for your son's 7th birthday. If those cakes are your inspiration, I can't wait to see what you decide to do.

*and be proud of that 65% because that 65% makes me proud of you!!!

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