Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hanging my head in shame......

hello luvies!!

from my title post either you have no idea or you completely understand the meaning behind it, LOL!

i know that i was supposed to have my blog up abt the surprise BUT yesterday was a kicker. We kicked off VBS (this is my 3rd year teaching and 1st year directing), the Buckaroo had been wheezing since Friday night (and his doctors office decided that kids do NOT get sick on saturdays in the summer???) so breathing treatments to tide us over till his appt yesterday, then we had to go to Joanne's for poly fill foam for t-shirt pillows i'm making (that were supposed to be finished BEFORE vbs - it's all good tho), then the normal house stuff. OY! thank goodness i listened to Bubba Hubster and took vacation from work this week.

I didn't want to so i could have some time to do, well, nothing but Bubba Hubster always takes a week's vacation to do World changers (this year it's 20 mins from where his momma lives - how awesome!!). So he talked me into taking my vacation instead of teaching in the morning and working in the afternoon. Thanks babe!

So anyways back to the title - i'm sorry but the blog and giveaway got pushed to the back burner for today - sleep over ruled it. so please please please PLEASE P-L-E-A-S-E come back this afternoon to find out all about it (after 5).

lots of luv!


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