Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Things Thursday Linky Party {#5}—My Favorite Color

Five Things Thursday Linky Party {#5}—My Favorite Color

This is gonna be a skimpy one, I'm still trying to figure out all this schedule stuff b/t working, kindergarten, volunteering, taekwondo and normal house/mommy/wife stuff. WHY were we created to need more than 4 hrs of sleep? Seriously I could get just about everything done daily if i didn't NEED 7 hrs to function with a nasty attitude and 8-9 to be cheerful working. And everyone   ahem, I, would like to be the cheerful worker.

It's that time again for Linky Party 5 things over here @

and well i'm a day late and a dollar short (isn't that how it always goes?!) i digress, on with the post:

have you guessed my favorite color by now? if not i'll give you a hint - you're looking at it, lol!!

here are some things that i absolutely luv to find in this color and any shade is great to me:

no i do not have a sweet lil baby to wear this, but i seem to have an issue with knowing sizes of friend's babies so i'm gonna list this one to sale as i'm about 6 months too late for my friends sweet baby girl to wear.

these are one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes i own, i have no idea if it is because they are purple or coach. i thrifted these for $7 and let me tell you they have almost had me buy full retail $149 shoes because of the comfort they offer. but my thrifter soul would never recover from that trauma!

i totally <3 (don't u wish they had emoticons on here? i surely do!) this shirt the back is like terry cloth fabric and the front is like a woven linen that is rusched. its almost PJ comfortable - u know what i'm talking about?! and it was thrifted for $4 (dats right four smackeroos, deniros, 16 quarters (ooooo i like that makes it sound like an even better deal)) can one even have paranthesis within a paranthesis??

and jewels hello my darlings, purple AND jewels i think i just died and went to heaven! this counts for two. i just lurve my medillion necklace and that gallery worthy piece to the left is courtesy of my sweet sweet boy from MDO for Mothers Day last year. He "put lots of purple beads because i know you luv purple but there werent any shiny or glitter purple beads." *squishy heart*

Yes that is my 5 Linky party post (late) sorry! Hope y'all have a wonderful blessed weekend!

In His Luv and Wisdom,


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