Monday, April 30, 2012

Mary, Mary quite contrary How does your garden Grow?????

hello friends!

I've got a 2-fer today, they're both really short so not too much time!

First is Menu Monday:
Monday: out to eat with my momm and daddy and buckaroo, Bubba Hubster is gone for business AGAIN!
Tuesday: Taco Tostada Tuesday
Wednesday: church dinner
Thursday: pork chops, squash* and carrots
Friday: sticky glazed chicken, mashed potatoes and corn

*from our very own garden :D which leads me to the 2nd part of the 2-fer today and our post title. Every year for the last handful of years we've had a small garden, small being 8x8, we dont need alot when you got a little family of 3 whose Buckaroo will not eat more than a couple pieces of each veggie even after being bribbed with extra nickels and dimes (they have a sticker and pencil machine at school) and no i'm not above bribbing....

so here's our little piece of self suffiency

today we picked two zuchinis and two squash and we have tons of blooms for both and tomatoes and cucumber blooms.

our line up ladies and gents: (L-R)
1 lonely jalapeno plant
4 plants of  I forgot (and no its not a new plant i truely forgot what we bought and planted there. i know it was something i like i'm thinking bell pepper or okra or maybe 2 of each)
6 zuchini plants
6 crooked neck squash
6 roma tomatoes and 1 BIG heirloom tomatoe (Bubba Hubster's favorite)
and along the whole back is 6 cucumber plants (we used an old chain like fence gate we had, stacked with two t-post and just train them to grow that way - keyword train i just planted and left i got on another project and thats why they look so short but they would actually be doubled back over if i had trained them correctly)

Not pictured are the aspargus plants (4) that we planted in a pot, altho they do not look edible at all! we did a huge pot because in our neck of woods texas we have gumbo about 6" below surface and bubba Hubster said he wasn't going to ammend the soil that far down without a walk behind tiller and i dont blame him! the tiller we have will beat you to death and shoveling it isn't any better, so cheap solution 18" plastic pots (also got one for carrots but havent planted them yet.

If any of y'all are too worried about the time of planting a garden and the upkeep - please don't! i'm about the laziest gardener - E.V.A. seriously i plant and forget. i *try* to train the cucumbers it just makes it easier but sometimes i do and sometimes i don't. i make sure they get enough water, add two bags of miracle grow garden soil (totally lurve there) bubba tills it in, i plant and then gather the bounty!

and buckaroo luvs being outside and picking the veggies and all, i'm hoping this year with him being older and picking it, that might help with him wanting to eat veggies instead of me sneakily giving it to him with V8 fusion (total lurve there also), for "french fry chips" which is actually veggie stick chips, and vegtable spegahti noodles. of course i will still probably do all these things even if he does start to eat his veggies just because they are better choices than their alternatives.

hope everyone has a great and amazing week this week!

In His Luv & Wisdom,
Michelle, Bubba Hubster & Buckaroo


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