Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday {or trying to get posting down which I'm not sure will ever happen!}

Good Morning!!

I know I seem to pop up like weeds in a flower bed - all beautiful mulch one night and then the next morning - BAM! - there I am all scraggly 4' of me, lol!

A quick recap to get caught up:

Menu Monday -

M: sloppy joes & chips
T: denny's (Bubba Hubster & my daddy are out of town so Buckaroo, Momma Matriach (my momma) and myself will be treating ourselves to a dinner out!)
W: drive - thru - I know I know, two days in a row but it's church and we dont get out until 8ish and a 30 min drive after dropping off Cor's friend. yes, please and thank you for McDonald's.
T: sausage, potatoes and carrots
F: french bread pizza (new recipe I'm going to try from a great blog I read Blissful & Domestic)
S: I'm taking another que from Danielle and doing a leftover night and this will be it.
S: pork chops & corn

Thrifty Tuesday:

I had some major scores this week! My aunts came in and we went to the cannery and canned lots of food. We also hit a couple different  thrift stores that I don't normall hit.

Isn't it all great looking!!
Now onto the goodies! To the front left a set of four handled beautiful peach colored carnival glass bowls ($4). To the back left is a liqour decanter with a glass etching of a deer in the forest ($2), to the side of that is an iridescent crystal bowl ($4) (I love me some iridescent)! Of course my 'go-to' spot  each and every time the kids book sections, I also found a McGee and Me video (total $5). I told Bubba Hubster I need one of those machines that transfers VHS to DVD. Then I think my most favorite item a family themed Matryoshka doll - I have a love affair with them ($2)! This has a daddy, mommy, child, doggy and kitty. 

I hope everyone has a great day and come back tomorrow for Wonderful Wednesday!!

Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

You could never be compared to as a weed, though, it did make me laugh. What great finds. I am totally jealous over the Matryoshka doll family set you found. LOVE IT!

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