Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little Snippet or {one of Many Overdue Projects}

Hello Friends!

Yes, please do not faint this will be two posts in one day AND that makes three posts in two days!! Shut the front door!!

Anyways, y'all know we live in the country, as Buckeroo says, 'Wear cuntry peeple.' Yes I know that's all jacked up on the spelling but I spelt it phonetically how he says it. Well we've lived in our current home for a little over seven years and we've never had house numbers. Yes, my friends you read that right! Seven years - no house numbers.

Now in hubster's  our defense, no one delivers to our area or at least not until recently and we don't really care for those places that do. And the original homeowners put the driveway on the other street, we have a corner lot. So I figured what the heck why worry about numbers people will be confused anyways and I'll have to go and wave them down as it is. But then, well pinterest came along and I looked at all the houses with these gorgeous porches with the number right under the dental molding. Well SWOON right there! I have a humongous front porch WITH dental molding AND columns. Ace Hardware almost lost their doors I ran so fast! Then they sat....and sat.....and sat. You see this girl right here *I'm doing the fonzie hitchhicker thumb toward myself*  don't do ladders (and yes I know that's grammatically incorrect but I want to prove a point)! I don't do the third step on the three step step stool (wwooooeeeee that was a tongue twister).  So Bubba Hubster was kind enough to get them put up this Spring Break (along with our other matching flag pole that needs a Texas flag - what? did u really think I wouldn't leave another little tidbit to do later :D lol).

What do you think?

House without Numbers
House with Numbers
I know the angles are different but it's the only before/after pictures I had. Plus that's how I roll peeps, I tell you living on the edge.
What do you think? I think its like the last little tweak that finishes it, kinda like that fly away hair you gotta hold down with an extra squirt of hairspray.
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

That a lot of house numbers :). The house looks great with the addition of the numbers. I had to giggle when you said you've lived here 7 years with no numbers. I suspect you'll still need to wave down people despite the numbers, right :)

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