Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hey Y'all!! I'm still here and kicking.

hey yall!! I know I know I don't know why I do this to myself. I take a gazillion pictures to make a post later on but never get to it! So here is a really quick one.

We've been doing some little and BIG projects around the house and here is one:

Ok so this is the before pix - yes we had the same blinds in the big window I just didn't think about a pix until after we had it down. Hubster wouldn't rehang it for me for photo ops, wonder why?

And here is the after. I really wanted the curtains to be mounted INSIDE the windows but I could find rods that would work as the tension ones are too heavy for the length I needed for the big window. but later when trim out the windows with wood (I do NOT like bullnose edging - UGH!) hubby said he could just flatten the mounting brackets out with his vice (YAY for jack of all trades hubbies!). But I'm still in TOTAL love with them!

And here is the view as you walk up our driveway. Y'all the reason I choose this house is because of the farmhouse style of it. This is just exactly what I pictured in my head 8 years ago when we bought this place. I have some wild flower seed pads I'm going to plant this weekend in the kitchen window area (the space behind where the tree is).

I need to find a group of friends that want to publish posts but only about one or two a week so we all take turns posting (5 days a week 5 people) and still feel like we have time for our families! Any takers? Yes, I am being serious, let me know.

Much Luv,

PS. Yes that is a library chair on my front porch that has been there since we roadside rescued it (for FREE!)  a couple months ago. I'm gonna make it over for hubby but haven't gotten to it. Maybe this weekend we have freeway closures EVERYWHERE for our big Grand Parkway coming in.


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Love the makeover. I can't wait to see your other projects! Is that your dining room? It looks so much brighter and crisper and more open.


amy - it just to be the kitchen nook (we have a formal dining room). it will now be the reading nook. thanks so much - it is! I thot it might be hotter and sun blinding us but it doesn't.

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