Monday, July 14, 2014

Yes our blood is blue but not for the reasons you think...

Hey Friends!

As you know we are trying to do little projects here and there to do finishing details on rooms (I say that tongue in cheek because I am NEVA finished!). So you know we moved the master upstairs right {if not, we did, I'll do a post on that later, ahem}? Well now boy child, better known as Buckaroo, will sleep upstairs {no I don't blame him I wouldn't want to sleep up there by myself either, just saying}. But we needed d├ęcor, come in posters from many, M-A-N-Y book fairs at school, and Hob Lob's famous 50% off sale for the poster frames (yes I must have frames for posters - it stems from child hood my momma wouldn't let us tack up posters with push pins too many holes in the wall and tape ruins the paint). Plus they just look nicer and feel more important. Anywho, Buckaroo's room has two windows, one normal and one well not so normal. I already had the curtain material just no confidence to make them. I have a friend that is a wonderful seamstress that can rework or make anything, enter Bonnie and her trusty side kick, her machine.

Here are the results:

Here are the bare windows (although I did have a sheet hanging up before privacy, because a) that's how this momma rolls and b) it looked better than aluminum foil {yes, I DID just say that}) before:

One thing I can't stand is to look in from a window and see unfinished looking curtains (yes I have lots of issues, ha!) so almost all my curtains are custom made double lined. Buckaroo's are no different:

Now, in reference to the post title, we at this home (as much as this momma who only watches sophomore league football because Buckaroo is playing) have Cowboys blue running through our veins. My mom in law started Hubster on it the minute he was brought home.

I have lots more in store for y'all, but we are going on vacation this week so I'm not promising anything but most likely I will have at least one more post this week.

Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

What a cute title to your post and reason behind it. I love, love, love the new curtains...and that they have different fabrics on each side...brilliant!

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