Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TEERRFFFIIICCCCC Tuesday {as said in Tony the Tiger's voice}

Hey Lovies!!

I hope everyone had a great Momma's Day, I know I did, it's been run, run, run lately though.

I haven't posted in I don't have a clue how long, it feels like I haven't slept in even longer.

As most of y'all know, we have fertility issues, and if you didn't well, now you do <haha> we've been back to the fertility doctor and well it wasn't a great visit and during the time since that visit it hasn't gotten any better.

We've always had a heart for adoption, and we looked into that realm via the agency Bubba Hubster was adopted from almost 45 years ago. But even with his "Edna Gladney Baby Credit" (yes you get a discount if you were adopted from there as a child and you adopt a child from them, not much but every little bit helps) it was still going to be 30-40 THOUSAND dollars, yes folks you read that correctly, 30-40 grand. So we looked into Foster To Adopt, long story short we are going that route and we are half way there. A more in depth post to come on that.

I was also contacted by My Memories Suite about hosting a giveaway!! SAY WHAT!?! i mean like seriously say-to-tha-what??? it was so exciting for me, so I'm gonna do a 'lil giveaway' on that next week! With our foster to adopt we need to make a little about our family scrapbook, and thats what i'm gonna try it out on. Check back everyday for some more info.

Menu Mondays OY! sorry guys!
Monday - creamy pasta tuna helper (but with hamburger meat), corn, avocado
Tuesday - sausage & scallop potatoe casserole, okra,
Wednesday - church dinner
Thursday - steak, squash (from our garden), tomatoe&cucmber salad\
Friday - Pizza

I hope to get a longer post out about our F2A journey this week, but field day is friday along with end of year party. kinder Graduation is a week from today! i do NOT know where the time has gone! then we early release the last two days of school and then its summer!

I'll leave you with a pix of my Lil Buckaroo and all his "let's party i'm graduating kindergarten dance move" my heart melts for this lil guy!



Cristina Garay

Hi Michelle! Wow! That's a lot of money! I thought it was way less than that! I wish you all the luck in the world on your new route!
I'll be looking forward for the giveway!


I am so excited to hear more about this!!! Praying for you and the child that will one day be a part of your family!

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