Monday, February 11, 2013

Early Valentine's {or admitting to being spoiled and spoiling}

Good Morning everyone!

I hope the weekend treated everyone good, if you are in the Northeast I hope that you were kept safe and warm from Nemo!

Just a quick post to show off this *amazing* gift that Hubster and Buckaroo got me for Valentine's Day. We don't normally celebrate V-Day with gifts or anything but I totally feel in love with this necklace and Hubster suggested it for V-Day. And truely who I am to deny their wants and needs
*batting eyelashes and coyly smiling*?

So here she is:

You can find her at Lisa Leonard Designs along with some other wonderful designs. The infinity symbol is our family "crest". When Buckaroo was younger our love saying interchange would be like this: "I luv u" "I luv u more" "I luv u infinity" but Buckaroo couldn't say infinity it would come out as "in-fin-a-bee". I have it tattoed on my right wrist with Infinibe under it with a double ended heart shaped infinity symbol. I believe that I am going to have it tat'd on my back shoulder blade to shoulder blade with our family member's names making up the symbol.

Buckaroo got two Monster Jam games, he was begging for them after seeing Monster Jam. One for Wii and one for X-Box, he already has one for PS2.

Hubster/Big Daddy ordered reloading dyes that he's been needing/wanting, but they are out several months. But like he said he'd rather wait for something he really wants/needs than to have something right now.

We'll still exchage candy and a stuffed animal for Buckaroo on Valentine's Day. What about y'all? Do you celebrate Valentines? Have you received your gift yet? What do you exchange, simple gifts or more elaborate gifts?

I hope to have my few Valentines decor pictures up tomorrow. Leave me a link in the comments for yours, I'd love to see them!

Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

What a sweet post. I adore Lisa Leonard. Her designs are so beautifully done in such a simple yet powerful way. I love the story behind it as well.

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