Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Decor {a new venture for me}

Good Friday Morning!!

I hope that everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We don't really go all out and celebrate to the nines, no reason really, just haven't ever really. The last few years we've celebrated a little more than usual (something about having an amazingly sweet lil Buckaroo will do that for you). I normally never decorate for Valentine's Day, simply put I'm totally lazy. Seriously!! It's not a major holiday and I've just out away all the Christmas decorations that have truely gotten on my nerves by now. I don't wanna pull out more things only to out them away in a couple weeks, plus I like the refreshing slimmed down minimalist knick knacks.

But here's a little Valentine's decorations that will be the extent of my decorating. Not too much I can take it all down within one hour!! whoot whoot!

My Valentine Mantel - can't wait till my wood is painted white! Next year the hearts will be laminated so we can write all the different ways we love one another, that way we can reuse it year after year.

Our traditional window clings. Buckaroo luvs these and honestly I do too!! (The saying is You Sweeten My Day but Buckaroo likes to trick me and switch them around today it said My Sweeten You Day, LOL!)
My wonderful .69 GW candy dish find I fill it with whatever holiday it is candy.
I hope that your Valentine's Day was just an extension or ballooned day of how we show our love to one another every day.
Much Luv,


Amy of While Wearing Heels

You gave in to blogging holiday fervor. I am so happy you added a little decoration for Valentine's day. I love your heart garland and the idea of laminating the hearts, next year, and then writing ways you love each other on them. And, I am still quite smitten with that .69 cent jar.

Best of luck tomorrow!!!

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