Friday, February 22, 2013

February This Is Me {or me learning to be more comfortable in my own skin}

This is February's post for This Is Me by Amy over at While Wearing Heels. I originally did not want to join this challenge. As I told Amy I have baggage about my outward looks, some serious baggage. Ouch....I hate saying that because I think at first read it makes me sound vain, extremely vain, and if there is one thing that I'm not it's vain. As a person that has been heavy their entire life minus 1.5 yrs (after gastric bypass surgery) one gets really used to hearing the ugly, angry and hurtful remarks. I also think that when you get to the point of being used to hearing things, you start to believe them or at least it becomes rote. I know that my self worth as nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with my outside, and I try so hard to teach my child that, but you know Monkey See, Monkey Do? Yea, OUCH..... again. So I decided that this would be the perfect challenge for me to embrace to get comfortable with myself and the Monkey See, Monkey Do won't be an ouchie. I NEVER want my child to ever feel that they have baggage about how they look and in turn how they feel about themselves.

So here we go:


Amy of While Wearing Heels

MICHELLE! This picture is beautiful. What gorgeous item did you use for your reflection? I love how abstract it is but, still, you can see a big beaming smile.

My heart broke when I read your post, though. I find it so sad that over and over again, you have heard such unkind hurtful things. You are one of the kindest people I have met through blogging, your beauty certainly shines from deep within all the way out and if people can't see that, it is their loss.

This journey has been so enlightening and eye opening in so many expected ways.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion

Michelle, I have very similar feelings. To say I put on a lot if weight with my last two children is a bit of an understatement. Looking at your reflection you are beautiful!


Your beautiful!!

And I love your choice of reflection :)

Rosie at The Frugal Freshman Homemaker

Your picture is so happy and conversational! I see nothing but a fun and friendly person in this shot :-) makes me want to chat over a cup of coffee! I hope you'll keep posting!
New Follower!
<3 Rosie

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