Friday, June 7, 2013

This Is Me May 2013 or "My Time"

Hey all!

Amy over at While Wearing Heels hosted May's This Is Me Linky Party, the optional theme was "Me Time." Well y'all know me and thrifting so....any idea of what I do for my Me Time?

I know I know I'm a tough cookie to crack, but it was thirting, lol! I used to go all the time but I've been making my self go only once or twice a week. We have a Goodwill and a sprinkling of other stores right around work, and I normally use it as a break.

I normally hit the furniture area then books. I LOVE to purchase books at thrift stores. They are usually 10% of their normal retail price and most are in excellent to good shape. So here is one snippet of a Thrifty Thursday for ya.

I have a thing for Russian nesting dolls, this one was a family. It went Daddy, Mommy, child, dog and cat. I normally don't get that many books but someone must have cleaned out their child's books because this was probably 5% that was there! The soup bowls are fabulous, they are opaque-whitish inside with a peachy iridescent outside. No chips, no wear no nothing and four to boot!

Thanks for stopping stoping by!


Amy of While Wearing Heels

So glad you participated again this month. My me time is thrifting too! You found some great things recently. I am quite smitten with the Russian nesting doll set.

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