Friday, June 21, 2013

Pictures for Birthday post or {me not being tech savy}

Hey All!

Well I realized it has to be my computer and not blogger on uploading the pictures, because I can upload them from another computer. So Geek Squad might be seeing us shortly if Big Daddy can't figure it out.

So Grab your partner, doe see doe, here we go!!!!

FINALLY!! I bribed the man-child to get in the pix. I told him it's all his daddy wanted for Father's Day and his Birthday!

Beer and Shrimp Kisses - could life get any better? Nope!
Someone wasn't too thrilled we told them it was his birthday!
Me and my luv! I'm so lucky!!

His German Chocolate cake - I always make my boys their cakes. Big Daddy is very easy German Choco cake and he's good. Buckaroo well he's a bit more intense. I'll be posting details soon on his Operation Birthday 8.0 Nascar soon.

We gave him a goody bag, here's what I said - "Whoopers for his imagination, dots because he's the dot to our i , and wasabi almonds because he's that smoking hot!' plus those are his favorite snackies.
Buckaroo said "every man needs smell goods for his truck, cause we're country and we work in our trucks!" LOL so he added the smell good vent thingies.
Here's my thrifty Tuesday round up. The purses feel softer and softer the more I use them!

Here is the plaque - I luv the verse, i have a james avery ring that has this exact verse written in Hebrew symbols.
Buckaroo was 'neerviis' about Summer MDO starting so I made him a love note (he calls them that). He said it made him feel so much better. He stopped right before we got to where all the kids were and said "Momma, give me a good kiss."
And here's just a little something something because....well I just can't get enough of these two and the love they have for one another!


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Yeah for pictures! What a lovely glimpse into your life. Your family looks so happy together.

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