Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday and a Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Hey Guys,

Just a quick note for a Thrifty Tuesday recap this week from Goodwill. I found two sweet, buttery, soft leather purses. A beautiful double heart sculpture with Song of Solomon verse on it. I wasn't too happy with the price of the purses but they so soft and buttery feeling. The silver one is a Nine West and was $9, so as compared to retail it's a great price but for me I think it was high. The green one is a no name (at least what I could see) and was $7. The shadow box with the hearts was only $2, so I think it totally balanced out, lol!

Tuesday was Bid Daddy's 46th Birthday! I'm so lucky to have him, I always say he luvs me at my best, and loves me even more when I'm at my worst! He's a great man, friend, husband, father and just all around great guy! We went to eat at one of our favorite seafood places, a local place named Sharky's. We had the extended family, and everyone had a really great time! we actually got the oldest in a pix (we bribed him, we told him it's all his daddy wanted for Father's day and his birthday)!

He got a goody bag of treats from us. Whoppers because of his imagination, dots because he's the dot to our i , wasabi smokehouse almonds because he's that smoking hot! Buckaroo got him so smell good stuff for his truck, cause all 'men need stuff to make their trucks smell better.'

Buckeroo started his Summer MDO summer 'camp' program yesterday, he was 'neervis' so I tried to cheer him up with a special made card. It worked, before we got to his room he stopped and said, "Momma give me a kiss on the top of my head." Yes, my friends, that is my heart in a puddle in the middle of the floor.

I was hoping to up load some pix but blogger has been having a fit and shutting down every time I try to upload a pix. I have them on my facebook and instagram though. Is anyone else having an issue uploading pix? I've tried resaving them, tried different ones, tried uploading from another site, nothing! Hope it fixes itself soon!!

Much Luvs!


Amy of While Wearing Heels

Still no pictures :(

Amy of While Wearing Heels

I wonder what happened to my comment from yesterday? I had written saying I looked forward to seeing the pictures of your goodwill finds because they sounded lovely. Leather purses, huh. And, I am sure your wonderful husband enjoyed his birthday. How lucky you both are to have found each other!

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