Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Sweet Things

Well, over at she is having a  Five Things Thursday Linky Party and I'm going to *attempt* to link up!

If you know me, you know that tech and i have a love/hate relationship, i luv it - it hates me.

This week's theme was sweet things and our interpretation of it, well you know me so you know it involved my #1 thing of sweetness, my bugs!

hello, to my sweet boy everyone - this was a little over 5 yrs ago and this was his 1st bday party, him and cake how much sweeter can you get?

We have a yearly tradition, we go to an area iconic restaurant thats been around since the 1950's, have breakfast, coffee and spend the day looking for our yearly family ornament and ornaments for family for gifts drink some starbucks (yes I allow him coffee and have since he was 2ish it calms him). The restaurant has an old-timey photo booth and he takes a couple pictures and we put them in our holiday cards.

We were at Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio - total unpaid plug - TAKE YOUR CHILDREN- do it all ESP. the drive thru safari buy each person a bag of food, just sayin ;D. Do the bagged mining in the gift shop and IF your kids are old enuff the actual caverns. He was too young here, but my parents recently took all the grandkids and he had an AH-MAY-ZING time! This is a normal picture photo-op, Daddy teaching him something and him wanting to be just like Daddy. Make my heart go *squishy*. I'm so blessed with the man that God made just for me and gave me. He is the best hubby and daddy I could ever ask for.  I wish I could give him more children to teach and love and guide to Christ.

Here we are at Santa's Wonderland in College Station, we luved it. Be warned get there super super SU-PRA early, or be prepared to wait....a long time in line. This year we are gonna pack a picnic dinner, lay all the seats down in the Journey, put blankies down and watch the DVD player and have dinner until they open. The lights are one of the most awesome things i've seen. and then they have a few shops to browse and spend out the nose, hot coco or cider, a camp fire with hay bales where a band plays Christmas songs that kids and adults can sing with.  Photos with santa and REAL made-in-a huge kettle cauldron kettle corn popcorn.    one of my weaknesses - do not believe my hubby if he tells you i ate the whole bag - it was only 3/4's, lol!

This is him just a week ago, totally NOT afraid of his cousins FB team mascot - *H-U-G-E* step for him and momma....yes yes i know i'm supposed to like him growing up and technically i do but i also miss his little guy ways (aka needing me) lol!

And this is him just a few days ago before his first Taekowndo class. He is so happy, excited and proud of himself. I can't believe my sweet, miracle boy is now this little big boy that is so independant and can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to! I'm blessed beyong measure.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. And yes i know i have 6 pix but i just couldnt help myself.

In His Wisdom,



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